Urban Explorers Find an Abandoned Museum in the Sewers of Barcelona

If anyone entry into the sewers of a city, he expects to find the most varied (and smelly) things, but a group of urban explorers from Barcelona encountered something very unusual.

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The video that I bring you was published by Marc Vilas on his YouTube channel at the end of March. It is very well elaborated. At one point the explorers found a metal door. What will be behind? Check it for yourselves:

El País dedicated it an article seven years ago. It was called the Sewer Museum of Barcelona, it was inaugurated in 1993 and was managed by the Private Foundation Pere García Faria. In 2003, without notice, the museum closed its doors. As the explorers explain, the huge stormwater collector next to the museum (one of the twelve that Barcelona has) must have given them problems, because when it reaches, water came to the museum.

In spite of the abandonment and the humidity, I have seen ruins in worse condition than this museum. The difficulty of accessing it has prevented it from being subjected to a high degree of vandalism, so it seems. The old photos and plans continue to be displayed on their panels, where they were left when the museum was closed, although in very poor condition due to abandonment.

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