It respects "the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity"

The Polish Government Supports Spain Against the Separatist Coup in Catalonia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland has released a statement of support to Spain on the situation created by the separatist coup in Catalonia.

A Joint Spanish-Polish Homage to the Spanish Police and Civil Guard
Young Catalans March in support of Spain in Barcelona in the Francesc Macià Square

For its interest I publish here the English version of the statement (you can read here the original in Polish):

MFA statement on developments in Catalonia

Poland has been closely following developments in Catalonia in connection with the self-determination decision of this autonomic region of the Kingdom of Spain, taken on 27 October.

Poland fully respects the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity of the Kingdom of Spain. We believe that solving the dispute between the government of the Kingdom of Spain and Catalonia, just like any disputes between the Kingdom of Spain and its autonomous regions, including separatist tendencies, are an internal affair of the Kingdom of Spain.

We hope that the situation in Catalonia will stabilise quickly in observance of the constitution of the Kingdom of Spain.

MFA Press Office

As Spanish I has already left a message of gratitude to the Polish government for this gesture. Poland is a country for which I feel great admiration and this statement of support is especially pleasing to me.

Dziękuję, Polska!

Niech żyje Polska! ¡Viva España!

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