"They have created a world of sexism against men", its author denounces

Convincing Video of a Canadian Woman Explaining Why She Is Not a Feminist

Lauren Southern is a conservative activist from Canada who a few years ago became famous by uploading a photo on the Internet with a sign that said, “I do not need feminism.”

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Her gesture was soon imitated by other women, giving rise to a female dissident movement against the so-called third-wave feminism, or gender feminism, which far from seeking equal opportunities for women, as did the original feminism, which it seeks is to institutionalize hatred towards men. Laura published a video explaining the reasons why she does not declare herself a feminist:

Her arguments are really convincing. Perhaps for this reason, instead of receiving an answer in the form of arguments, Laura has been subject to all kinds of insults and threats, and has even been censored on social networks and assaulted by people who do not like her. It is what some fans have to grab for lack of good reasons.

(Foto: Peter Duke / Twitter de Laura Southern)

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