The left wing uses European funds as an extortion tool

Hungary’s strong response to Brussels’ blackmail to indoctrinate its children

The leftist elite of the European Union is carrying out an assault on the national sovereignty of the member countries to impose its ideological agenda on them.

In defense of Hungary and against the aberrant effort of the EU to corrupt children
Aberrant EU resolution to force Poland to promote sex and abortion among children

The left uses European funds as an extortion tool

This Wednesday, the Romanian deputy Dacian Cioloş, one of the promoters of the attacks against Hungary for its recently approved anti-pedophilia law, announced yesterday that the European Commission “suspends the approval of Orbán’s recovery plan”, using corruption as an excuse. The reality is that Cioloş was one of the politicians who supported the declaration of 16 countries against Hungary’s anti-pedophilia law at the end of June, accusing the government of Viktor Orbán of not respecting individual rights and freedoms.

Hungary defends rights recognized by international treatiess

The Romanian MEP’s accusation is full of cynicism, because it is precisely the Hungarian government that is protecting freedoms, specifically the preferential right of parents to choose the type of education that will be given to their children, a right embodied in the Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the right of parents to educate their children according to their religious convictions, protected by Article 14 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Brussels’ goal: to impose its sexual indoctrination in schools

What the leftist elite in Brussels in Hungary wants is the same thing that it has wanted to impose on Poland: the compulsory sexual indoctrination of children in schools following the ideological dictates of the left, which have also been supported by a large part of the MEPs of the the European People’s Party, which have simply assumed the thesis of gender ideology, a thesis that they intend to turn into dogmas that no European can question. Something that one would expect from a communist dictatorship like the former Soviet Union, but not from a European Union that claims to be democratic.

Hungarian government stands up to Brussels blackmail

Yesterday, the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet published the Hungarian government’s response to this blackmail: “Brussels wants to put LGBTQ activists in kindergartens and schools in vain, we refuse to do so,” the Hungarian government spokesman minister, Gergely Gulyás, said, and recalled that Hungary respects the dignity of all, “and the Hungarian government has nothing to do with how you live your life as an adult if you obey the law,” while recalling that the protection of children is a obligation and responsibility of the State, and even the European Charter of Fundamental Rights establishes that education is the duty and decision of the parents, and this is a matter of national competence.

Vox supports Hungary and Poland against the leftist blackmail of Brussels

In Brussels, the Spanish MEP Jorge Buxadé, of Vox – belonging to the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists – came out in defense of Hungary, pointing out that “any European knows that a homosexual walks calmer on the streets of Budapest or Warsaw than on those of Molenbeek, Gaza or Tehran, but you prefer to submit to the lobby’s agenda and spend the whole day ranting about Hungary or Poland.” Buxadé reproached the Brussels leftist elite for their attacks on those two countries: How dare they teach Hungary or Poland lessons in democracy? How dare they give lessons on the rule of law and human rights to those who have fought and defeated the best known and most brutal totalitarian movement in Europe, which is communism?”

The rugged record of one of the promoters of the blackmail of Hungary

Buxadé accused the European left of threatening to cut community funds “anyone who does not submit to its ideological straitjacket”, adding: “How can a Maltese socialist sentenced to two years in prison for spreading homosexual pornography of his ex-partner talk about gay rights in Hungary?” With this statement, Buxadé was referring to the conviction in 2014 against the socialist MEP Cyrus Engerer for taking revenge on his ex-boyfriend by publishing intimate photos of him. It should be noted that Engerer is today one of the promoters of the campaign against Hungary in the EU. Are personages like this the ones who want to teach us about European values, and who are going to sexually indoctrinate children against the will of their families?

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