An old forest village built in the 1940s in Almonte (Huelva), Spain

The ghost town of Los Cabezudos: a magnet for fans of strange phenomena

Many abandoned sites are today linked to ghost stories. One of them is in Spain, in the province of Huelva.

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In the eastern part of the province, within the municipality of Almonte, is the old town of Los Cabezudos. It is one of the 54 abandoned and depopulated towns in that province. The ghost town that concerns us today arose in the 1940s as a result of the reforestation plan launched by the Franco regime after the Civil War Spanish civil. Specifically, Los Cabezudos was built linked to eucalyptus plantations and came to have some 300 residents.

The town had its own church, a school, a doctor's office, and even a casino. A new school was built that was never inaugurated, since the town was abandoned in the 1980s (some sources indicate that with the turn of the century and the ban on growing eucalyptus trees). Last year, Huelva Información commented that "paranormal phenomena" have been registered there: from a mysterious shadow in the area of the school, the church and the doctor's office, and also mysterious footsteps, psychophonies and even the occasional blow.

I don't know what they think about these things in Andalusia, but as a good Galician, all that remains is to say that I don't believe in witches, but there are, there are. Mysteries aside, Los Cabezudos are today a good place to urban exploration, as shown today by the always interesting Aventuras Entresierras channel on the second part of the video we watched this wednesday:

You can see below some images as a preview of the interesting content of the video. Here a spectacular aerial view of the town (Aventuras Entresierras is doing wonders with its drone).

The old houses of the residents of the town, all the same and today in ruins.

The interior of one of the houses. You can see the decades of neglect...

The old church, now abandoned. It has an image of the archangel Michael on its façade.

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