The Jewels of Aviation That You Can See Taking a Walk in the Country in the USA

American Erik Johnston is an aviation buff. A few months ago, taking a walk in the field – I suppose not fortuitously – he encountered with several abandoned fighters.

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You can see here the video published by Erik on his YouTube channel, which was recorded in an undisclosed location:

Among the planes we see McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (one of the protagonists of the air combats of the Vietnam War) and Gruman F-14 Tomcat, the magnificent interceptor that flew from the aircraft carriers of the United States Navy until it they finally retired from service in 2006. Despite its lousy state, the video Tomcat can be considered lucky. And while some Tomcats still remain in “The Boneyard,” the colossal aircraft depot at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (Arizona), most of the fleet was dismantled to prevent Iran – the sole operator of this aircraft – to obtain spare parts with which to keep its fleet active.

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