"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
Wilson Gavin, 21, was a Catholic, monarchist, conservative and homosexual

Commotion in Australia over the suicide of a gay boy who was harassed by leftists

If we rely on certain madia we would have to believe all gay people defend the same ideas (leftists) and share the same thesis (gender ideology). It is not true.

Many Polish Catholics and anticommunists were labeled with that sign

Some things that the communists seem to ignore about the red inverted triangle

They demand the executive respect for "the sovereignty of the Spanish people"

Mobilizations throughout Spain to denounce the pacts of the Socialists with separatism

A history of World War II that borders on the scope of the legend

Ares: the mysterious ‘ghost’ who harassed the Germans in the ruins of Warsaw

The US already has naval and air forces in the area for a possible response

Iran launches ballistic missiles against American forces deployed in Iraq

Socialists and communists attack the Electoral Board for applying a judgment

The socialist response to the impeachment of Quim Torra: Spain descends to Chavismo