Some manual orders to indicate to the pilots the movements on the tracks

The signals that the Spanish Navy uses to guide its aircraft on the ground

If you have ever noticed an aircraft carrier, many orders are transmitted on its runways through various manual gestures.

This country was the first to introduce digital camouflage in its uniforms

The new CADPAT (MT) digital camouflage of the Canadian Armed Forces

A spectacular formation with fighters from three other NATO countries

The flight of Spanish EF-18 and Harrier II fighters with a B-52 bomber over the Baltic

The CAOC Torrejón is one of the two centers that direct these missions

NATO explains the interception flights of its fighters, coordinated in part from Spain

Spain participates with the Dédalo 24 Expeditionary Combat Group

The Spanish Navy together with the US Marines in the BALTOPS 24 exercise in Latvia