The USMC has two attachable backpacks with a total capacity of 79 liters

The items a United States Marine carries in his backpack on a 72-hour operation

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is the largest naval infantry force in the world and is also undoubtedly the best equipped.

Units from Portugal, the United Kingdom and Jordan also participated

A spectacular exercise of the Spanish Special Naval Warfare Force in Galicia

It is one of the best preserved fortifications from the World War I

A tour of Fort de Mutzig, a former German military position in France

The FAMET has sent several NH-90, EC-665 Tigre HAD and CH-47F Chinook

The deployment of military helicopters from Spain and other allied countries in Romania

It is the HQ of the most important maintenance center of the Spanish Air Force

The visit of the popular youtuber Ángel Gaitán to the Albacete Air Base and Maestranza