Counting Stars ideology

This ideology was originally published on December 1, 2017:

  • Good and evil exist. Not everything is relative nor can it be subject to the opinion of the majority. It is essential to create dikes to stop the abuses of the powerful against the defenseless. Moral relativism is a threat to society, as it allows the powerful to advance in the destruction of the barriers that prevent them from undermining our freedoms.
  • Christianism is one of the pillars of western civilization. Without it, democracy would not have taken root in the West. Deleting our Christian roots, for the sake of a misunderstood tolerance, makes us lose our moral defenses as a society, for example, against threats such as Islamic fundamentalism.
  • All human beings are equal in dignity, regardless of race, nationality, age, sex, health status, disability or any other condition. I have this conviction as a Christian, because we are all children of God and therefore brothers.
  • Killing innocent people is a crime, whatever their condition. So is the violent elimination of the most innocent and defenseless members of our society: the unborn children. The social acceptance of abortion is proof that our democracies are failing to protect the weakest, precisely because they have eroded the moral foundations that led our society to create legal dikes to protect those rights.
  • The family is the basic cell of society. The State must recognize it, protect it and favor it, since it is an essential institution for our survival as a society.
  • Parents have the right to decide the type of education they want for their children, both in their moral training, as in the language of schooling and the teaching model they prefer.
  • Our elders deserve care and respect. If there is someone who has earned the right to be heard in our society, he is the one who has dedicated a lifetime of work.
  • Men and women are equal in rights, but we are not biologically equal. Equal opportunities should not be confused with equal results or with the denial of our differences, which do not make us better or worse, but complementary.
  • Democracy is not a perfect form of political organization, but it is the one that best guarantees peaceful coexistence and the right of the governed to participate in public affairs. But without solid moral foundations, democracy is in danger and ends up opening its doors to totalitarianism.
  • Communism and national-socialism are two totalitarian ideologies that represent evil at its top. They have killed millions of people and subjected entire nations to terror and oppression. Democracy cannot be neutral in the face of these ideologies: it has a duty to fight them.
  • Spain is the result of centuries of coexistence in common. We have a moral duty to preserve that inheritance for which so many sacrifices our ancestors assumed. We have a duty to enlarge it and transmit to the generations to come that valuable legacy.
  • Separatism is a liberticidal and exclusive ideology that seeks to sow division and hatred among Spaniards, using deception, demagogy and victimhood. We must fight it without complexes and preserve of its manipulation attempts the valuable cultural heritage that our regional languages and customs represent.
  • Terrorism is a serious threat to our society. With the terrorists there should be no negotiation. A democracy cannot accept as valid interlocutors those who use crime as a means to bend us. The Nation must ensure the dignity of the victims of terrorism, so that Justice is done and the memory of those who have been beaten for the crime is preserved. Parties that refuse to condemn terrorism must be outlawed. We cannot be tolerant of those who consider it legitimate to use crime to achieve their political objectives.
  • The free market is the most fair and effective way to achieve prosperity and meet our needs as a society. This is compatible with the existence of laws to guarantee the rights of employers, workers and consumers.
  • The State must be guided by the principle of subsidiarity, refraining from intervening where society is enough to meet its needs with its own means.
  • Fiscal policies cannot be based on the usurpation of a considerable part of the national wealth to perpetuate an elephantic state model, increasingly focused on serving the personal or partisan purposes of the rulers rather than achieving the common good.
  • The State Security Forces and the Armed Forces are our guardians against those who threaten our society. Police, Civil Guard and military have made the commitment to defend ourselves even at the risk of their own lives. We owe them gratitude, as well as a living wage and the guarantee that they and their families will not be abandoned after many years of service to society.
  • We must take care of our natural heritage, not only through laws, but also through our personal action, preventing that by action or omission it is damaged by uncivil practices. However, we must not fall into the error of granting human rights to animals, an absurdity that would imply the prohibition of necessary activities for our livelihoods such as livestock, fishing and laboratory animal experimentation, through which the remedies are found For many diseases.