About Counting Stars

Counting Stars is a personal blog created in 2004 and published in Spain. This blog does not receive public subsidies and does not depend on any public or private institution. Its editorial line is Catholic, democratic and conservative-liberal, and therefore strongly contrary to all forms of totalitarianism, both communism and national-socialism. You can read here the Counting Stars ideology.

The slogan of the blog is a quote attributed to the conservative Irish politician Edmund Burke (1729-1797): "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The emblem of the blog is a constellation, the Little Bear. Its Polar Star is the one that marks the North.

The blog has only one author: Elentir ("stars watcher" in Quenya language). Born in Vigo (Galicia, Spain), I am a Catholic and admirer of Saint John Paul II and also of his country, Poland. I am not affiliated with any political party. I work as a web designer and graphic designer, and I am fond of photography, cinema, music, history, heraldry, vexillology, military and aeronautical issues, lighthouses and abandoned places. My favorite writer is J.R.R. Tolkien.

This blog is financed exclusively with my money, and therefore I do not admit orders from any person or organization about what is published on this website. Freedom, independence, rigor and service to the truth are the hallmarks of this blog since its inception. This implies offering readers direct access to the sources of information whenever possible.

You can participate in the blog and contribute your opinion through the comments that you find at the end of each post. You can read here the rules of participation. Reproduction of the contents of this blog is prohibited without the author's consent. I deny to any person or entity of management of copyright the authority to charge third parties for reproducing the contents of this blog. For any permission on the contents of this blog, send me an email from the Contact page.