An Italian Air Force plane shot down by the Yugoslavs in 1941

A Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber under the sea next to an island in Croatia

During World War II, many planes crashed in aquatic areas and disappeared under seas, rivers, and lakes.

The Maid of Harlech: the P-38 fighter that was buried on a beach for 65 years
Kwajalein: a huge graveyard with about 160 World War II aircraft at the bottom of the sea

Over the years, the remains of many of those planes that are shallower have been located by fishermen or scuba divers. Near the island of Žirje, in present-day Croatia, is one such aircraft: a Junkers Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber of the Italian Air Force . Of the 6,500 aircraft of this type that were built by Germany, Italy received around fifty of the D-2, D-3 and R-2 types. This aircraft was probably shot down by the Yugoslav Army in April 1941. On April 13, Matjaž Bravc posted a video showing the remains:

You can see some screenshots of this video here. Here we see the cockpit of the plane, with two seats.

The stabilizers in the tail of the plane. They are still quite intact.

The interior of the cockpit. What we see is the pilot's seat. The control panel of the plane in front of the seat can be perfectly distinguished.

The Junkers Jumo 211Da engine of the plane. It is located about 20 meters from the fuselage.

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