"Mr. Puigdemont has very little respect for democracy", Le Monde says

Editorial of Le Monde, the Largest Newspaper in France, Knocking Out to Catalan Separatism

Today Le Monde, the most prestigious and greater diffusion newspaper in France, has published a hard editorial in which it unhesitatingly unravels the lies of the Catalan separatism propaganda.

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For your interest I offer you here the complete translation of the editorial:

In Catalonia, the politics of the worst

Editorial. Carles Puigdemont trusts in a radicalization of a part of the public opinion and in the fact that the direct administration of Catalonia by Madrid will unite its field.

Spain is experiencing a tragedy. Deeply forced by the separatists in power in Barcelona, ​​ready to all the drifts, the central government of Madrid has decided to suspend the statute of autonomy of Catalonia and to administer directly the region. The head of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, has been declared outlaw. It assumed a risk of facing face to face with Madrid that can become violent.

It will return, on Friday 27 October, if the Spanish Senate confirm the decision of the head of government, the conservative Mariano Rajoy, who is fully supported in this matter by the socialists of the PSOE and the centrists of Ciudadanos. The leader of the Popular Party hesitated, waited, left time to time. He proposed to the Catalan government to organize elections in the province. Mr. Rajoy said that he was not closed to a form of dialogue if Mr. Puigdemont returned to legality by ending the illegal referendum of October 1 on self-determination.

He has not done anything. At the head of a rickety independence majority, Mr. Puigdemont trusts in a radicalization of a part of the public opinion. He knows that the direct administration of Catalonia by Madrid will unite the independence camp. He counts on “excesses”, is betting on putrefaction. A certain number of independentistas appealed with their votes to put under tutelage to Catalonia – the activation of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution – so that an unsustainable situation in the province was established.

Separatists sell illusion

Is Mr. Rajoy up to the task, is he “creative” enough, cleverly “political”? The referendum organized by Mr. Puigdemont was illegal, contrary to the constitution of 1978 – massively approved by the Catalans. Only 40% of voters voted. The result is not reliable: 90% of yes, whose magnitude is questionable. What can be done with the expression of this ultra micronationalism carried by people who denounce on the other hand the dangers of nationalism?

Mr Puigdemont will undoubtedly convene the regional Parliament at the time of the Senate’s meeting in Madrid. He will probably respond to the vote on Article 155 proclaiming independence. This is the strategy of tension. We can feel the greatest sympathy for the aspiration of the Catalans to a more complete autonomy. We can denounce the stagnant attitude of waiting and seeing of Madrid since 2010. We can not fail to point out that Mr. Puigdemont has very little respect for democracy.

It’s not just the October 1 illegal referendum. For weeks, the Catalan Parliament has not met, for the sole reason that the majority refuses to answer the questions of the opposition. For months Catalan public television, TV3, has been bombarding with a simplistic and deceptive independentist propaganda. And for months it has used a rhetoric of victimization that wants to make grotesquely believe that Catalonia is a victim of the return of the Franco dictatorship. This is not the case.

The separatists live in a bubble, sell illusion, capitalize on the complexity of the Catalan situation. But they do not dare to organize a regional election, under the control of the Spanish electoral commission; elections preceded by a free campaign on the real problems of “independence”; a legal vote that says how the population of Catalonia is divided. They prefer the politics of the worst.

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