The Government of Spain finally decides to apply Article 155 of the Constitution

Applying the Constitution Is Not a Coup: the Coup is to Violate It to Break Spain

After 44 days of the start of the separatist coup in Catalonia, the Government of Spain has finally decided to apply Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

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The Catalan president and all his advisers will be dismissed

The Senate will vote on the application of this measure next Friday, as it is provided in Article 155, created at the time for situations in which an autonomous community "does not fulfill the obligations imposed by the Constitution or other laws, or act in form that seriously undermines the general interest of Spain." Rajoy has declared that he will request the "dismission of the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the vice-president and the councillors that make up the Governing Council of the Generalitat of Catalonia." Until the convocation of new regional elections, "the exercise of these functions will correspond to the organs or authorities created or designated by the Government of the nation, in principle, the idea will be that the Ministries assume this responsibility throughout of the period in which this exceptional situation lasts." He also indicated that the power to dissolve "the Parliament of Catalonia passes to the President of the Government" and that "within a maximum period of six months" elections should be held, but that his will is "to do so as soon as we recover institutional normality." Rajoy has qualified that "autonomy and self-government of Catalonia is not suspended; people who have put that self-government out of the law and the Constitution and the Statute cease."

They wanted to suspend the application of the law and of the judicial sentences in Catalonia, even by the violence

This action was expected by many Spaniards, including Catalans, because we have spent a month and a half watching as the separatists skip law and judicial sentences with impunity, an impunity that is incompatible with the very essence of democracy, which implies that we are all equal before the law and that no one has the privilege of violating legality. During this time and in addition to the disorders caused by the coup plotters, separatism has caused enormous damage to Catalonia by provoking the massive flight of companies to other communities, since the investments flee from the scenes in which there is no legal security. But undoubtedly, the most outrageous thing has been to see the harassment of the Civil Guard and the National Police, in the attempt of the coup makers to prevent their performance in Catalonia. A harassment that has included scenes of violence like the ones carried out by the separatists on September 20, when they were kidnapped a judicial secretary and the agents of the Civil Guard that accompanied her in the Council of Economy of the Catalan government in Barcelona, when they fulfilled a court order of registration of that building. It was a crime of sedition where two people are already in prison.

Supporters of the separatist coup consider a 'coup d'état' to apply the Constitution

After having supported this serious attack against Spain and against our constitutional framework - a framework that the Spaniards were given by a large majority in a democratic referendum - separatists from various regions have called the application of Article 155 a "coup d'état". This is the height of cynicism. They have been accustomed to the idea that skipping the law and judicial sentences are free for so many years, that they already believe that the coup is to apply the Constitution, which is our supreme norm of coexistence. Well, no. Applying the Constitution is normal in any democratic country. Coup d'état is precisely what has been encouraging separatism, supporting the illegal suspension of the Constitution, the sentences and the Spanish laws in a part of Spain, based on a decision of the Catalan Parliament declared illegal by the Constitutional Court, and based in an separatist referendum organized despite the fact that the Catalan Parliament had no competences for it; a referendum which has been a huge electoral fraud, in which more votes have been registered in favor than people registered in many localities.

The government will have to consider the application of the Political Parties Law

The action announced today by the President of the Spanish Government to restore constitutional legality in Catalonia is the minimum that can be required of a democratic state, in the sense of regaining order and law wherever a regional government has declared itself open rebellion against legality. Now it depends on the separatists not to worsen the situation they have created in Catalonia even more. They have already caused great damage to the Catalan people with this separatist coup. If they choose to follow the path of disorder and violence, the State will have to act to avoid it, with all the consequences. There is a action that will have to seriously evaluate the Government of Spain, in relation to the political parties that are directly supporting this separatist coup. The Organic Law of Political Parties is very clear: "A political party will be declared illegal when its activity violates democratic principles, particularly when it seeks to deteriorate or destroy the regime of liberties or preclude or eliminate the democratic system." One of the behaviors which contemplates this law as motivating a process of outlawing is the following: "To foment, promote or legitimize violence as a method for the achievement of political objectives or to eliminate the precise conditions for the exercise of democracy, pluralism and political liberties." Supporting a coup can not be free to any political party.

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