The Third Reich used these facilities to power its military machinery

A reportage on the ruins of a German synthetic fuel factory in Poland

One of the causes of the German defeat in World War II was its lack of fuel. The Third Reich tried to alleviate this, without success, producing synthetic fuel.

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This production was carried out by the German company IG Farben in a series of factories. One of them was the Hydrierwerke Pölitz AG, in the German town of Pölitz (now called Police and part of Poland). From this factory, which was used to feed the German military machinery, 15% of the synthetic fuel produced by Germany, produced by coal, came out. Near the factory was the Stutthof concentration camp, whose prisoners – mostly Jews and ethnic Poles – serving as slave labor for that factory. A total of 30,000 prisoners served in that factory, of which 13,000 died of hunger, disease, ill-treatment and executions. Hydrierwerke Pölitz AG continued to produce synthetic fuel until 1945, when it was razed by an Allied bombing in which 250 bombers participated. The Red Army took the facilities in April 1945, taking everything it could take to the USSR.

Yesterday the Polish group of urban explorers Urbex History published an interesting report in which it shows the ruins of this factory. The dialogues are in Polish, but you can activate the automatic translation in English. To do this, press the subtitles button, next to the cogwheel that appears in the bottom bar of the video. Then click on the gear icon, then the “Subtitles” option, then the “Automatically translate” option, and then a list of languages that includes English will appear. This way you can follow the video well.

Under these lines you can see the location of the ruins of this factory on Google Maps.

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