A German artillery fire control post on the Atlantic Wall

Entering a World War II bunker that is being engulfed by dunes

Nature is relentless, and is capable of ending up erasing all kinds of constructions from sight, as the various archaeological excavations show.

An air raid shelter from the World War II today abandoned but still with light
Vistula Program: the terrible secret that the USSR hid from the Poles on their own soil

Sometimes the process takes hundreds of years, but in certain places it only takes a few decades. This is what happens, for example, on the beaches with dune systems where many of the fortifications of the Atlantic Wall were built, the very long defensive network that nazi Germany built from northern Norway to southern France.

A few weeks ago, the YouTube channel WW2HistoryHunter published an interesting video in which he accesses the interior of a bunker that is being engulfed by dunes. Its location is not indicated in the video, but it is said that it is a Regelbau 636 type bunker, a command position in charge of directing fire from the German coastal artillery batteries. The German Army built 43 such bunkers, 10 of them in Denmark.

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