A big surprise when exploring an old underground shelter in the UK

An air raid shelter from the World War II today abandoned but still with light

The subsoil of many European cities still preserves the remains of the harsh air raids that devastated much of Europe in World War II.

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The UK suffered from many German air raids, first by planes and finally by V-1s and V-2s, from 1940 to the end of the war. For this reason, the main British cities had to urgently build air raid shelters to keep their civilian population safe. The YouTube channel Urbandoned explored one of these shelters (where is not indicated, but everything seems to indicate that it is in London), still accessible from the tube. The most surprising thing is that after so many years abandoned, the facilities still have light. Someone must be paying a good electricity bill.

From their appearance, it would seem that they were also used after the World War II, since they have elements that are not typical of that time. After all, shelters of this type were also built during the Cold War, although they were never used:

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