The plane, made in 1940, crashed at that site during a smuggling flight

The mysterious Douglas DC-3 abandoned in an almost inaccessible place in Yucatan since 1966

In the Celestún reserve, in Mexico's Yucatán peninsula, there is an old Douglas DC-3 transport plane built in 1940.

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There are still many DC-3s around the world, but the peculiarity (and mystery) of this particular aircraft is that it was abandoned in 1966 in a place that was almost inaccessible due to the abundant undergrowth in the area. For years there have been many theories as to how that plane got there. Some claim it belonged to Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The website Transponder 1200 noted a few months ago that the plane had US registration N28343, and that it crashed there on August 17, 1966 , during a smuggling flight: "two tons of contraband were seized inside the aircraft, which was seized by the military." In 2019, GL Drone posted this video showing drone footage of the plane:

The same channel published another video in 2020 with new aerial images of the DC-3:

According to Aviation Safety, the aircraft belonged to Lauderdale Leasing and had the serial number 2267. It is located 64 km west of the Mexican city of Médida. Clicking here you can see a photo of that same plane in 1959. Here you can see some screenshots from the second video.

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