Is this drift being inspired in some way by those it benefits?

Against the King, the Army, the Constitution and the 'boomers': who benefits from this crazy drift?

In the last few hours, the messages that I have been able to read on social networks and in some digital media are astonishing.

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After the publication of the amnesty law in the Official State Gazette, a part of the right-wing has begun to attack the King, criticizing him for not refusing to sign that law. A case about which I will limit myself to repeating what Santiago Abascal said recently: "I believe that those who ask the King to do what the King cannot do make a mistake, and the main mistake is that they divert the focus from the truly guilty person, and the guilty party is Pedro Sánchez, who has betrayed the Spanish and lied to them." Here is the video, published by @juanfmiranda:

The attacks are no longer limited to the King. Some are beginning to equate monarchists with separatists. Others are directing similar attacks on the Army for not taking up arms to prevent the publication of the amnesty law. There are also criticisms of the Constitution, of the '78 regime, of democracy...

The search for scapegoats to stone goes even further and includes criticism of the "boomers", referring to the "baby boomers", those born between the years 1946 and 1964. It is a copy of the extreme left's speech against the elderly (remember the nonsense of the Podemos communists blaming those over 45 years of age for their electoral failure, a bar that some lowered to 29 years old).

A few days ago I warned here that a growing part of the right is undergoing a process of ideological disarmament very similar to that of the left, a process that makes it easy prey for any seller of grow hair. Obviously, charlatans are not interested in addressing political issues seriously, with the same seriousness with which Santiago Abascal made that reflection that I cited above. The charlatans succeed by appealing to feelings and emotions, just as the left does.

The question we must ask ourselves is: does what benefits the charlatans also benefit Spain? Do the messages creating disaffection towards the King, the Army, the Constitution and even the elderly benefit our Homeland? Absolutely NO. Politically, these messages benefit the left, since they help discredit the serious right and contribute to reducing popular support for some of the institutions most despised by socialists and communists.

At this point, it must be said that those messages attacking the King, the Army and the Constitution are not new. These are the messages that the extreme right (the real one, and not what the media says) has been sending for decades, the same extreme right that does not go beyond getting a councilor in some town.

If some want to continue down this path, the minimum is that they begin to know where it leads. These messages can cajole those who do not yet have enough experience in life to know how certain things end (of course). there are the messages against the "boomers"), but they seem designed to leave the right without representation, in addition to helping the left to tear down the institutions that it has not yet managed to control. Having said that, it is worth asking if this crazy drift is the result of mere verbal excesses of some, or is it being inspired in some way by those it benefits.


Photo: GTRES. The socialist Pedro Sánchez, president of the government of Spain, coin Félix Bolaños, minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Parliament.

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