They ask for our votes pretending to be rivals and then they are allies

The European scam of socialists and those who only pretend not to be socialists

This Monday, negotiations began between the leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union to appoint a new community leadership.

The deception of the 'Grand Coalition' of Brussels that only Vox is denouncing in Spain
Hungary and Poland yes, Spain no: the reasons for the leftist bias of the European Commission

Although at the moment there has been no agreement, according to Euronews the most likely thing is the repetition of the "grand coalition" of the European People's Party (EPP) with the Socialists, with the support of the center-left group Renew Europe. At the moment, the German Ursula von der Leyen has great chances of repeating as president of the European Commission, with a cabinet that would once again combine commissioners from the EPP, the socialists and Renew.

Many Europeans will be surprised to learn about this "grand coalition", despite the fact that it has already dominated European institutions for decades. What surely causes the most surprise is seeing politicians who are supposedly rivals acting as allies in Brussels, after asking their compatriots to vote to stop the socialists (in the case of the European People's Party).

In democratic terms, this great "coalition" is a repeated political scam by the socialists and those who only pretend not to be socialists (the EPP and Renew), but who ultimately agree with the left and even with the extreme left on major issues such as abortion, gender ideology, climate fanaticism, the dissolution of national sovereignty and a purely socialist hyperregulation that is leading large sectors to ruin of the European economy, especially agriculture, fishing, livestock and the automobile industry.

In all European elections we witness the same farce. In the 2024 elections, in the case of Spain, the Popular Party asked for a vote against Pedro Sánchez, and then went with him to negotiate the distribution of positions in Brussels, since Sánchez is one of the two European socialist leaders leading this negotiation.

With this great coalition, the three groups of socialists and those who only pretend not to be socialists are plunging the European institutions into disbelief, by using the elections as a systematic deception of voters, and then generate a European government that avoids all criticism of the partners of that "grand coalition", being cruel to those who are not part of it, as we have seen in recent years with the persecution of the Von der Leyen commission against Poland and Hungary, granting total impunity to Sánchez to destroy the rule of law in Spain, simply because he is a socialist. An impunity that has no signs of changing.

With its insistence on committing political fraud, this "grand coalition" is becoming the largest generator of Eurosceptics, by betraying the democratic principles by which the European Economic Community was founded in 1957. The members of that "grand coalition" they talk to us about "European values" and democracy, while they create a structure favorable to political corruption and the abuses of their allies, who know that they are untouchable because that coalition needs their support . It is this "grand coalition" that is destroying the dream of a united Europe, turning the EU into something increasingly similar to the defunct USSR, a megastate whose sole purpose was to benefit the socialist elites that controlled him and perpetuate them in power.


Photo: La Moncloa. The president of the European Commission, the German centrist Ursula von der Leyen, in a meeting with the president of the Spanish government, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, at the Moncloa palace on July 31, 2019.

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