Russian dictator visits North Korea seeking military aid against Ukraine

Vladimir Putin affirms his 'friendship' with the regime that most persecutes Christians

Putin's regime has for years been a great ally of some furiously anti-Christian dictatorships such as North Korea, China and Iran.

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The friendly meeting between the two dictators

This Tuesday, Putin began a high-level official visit to North Korea, accompanied by an important entourage that includes his Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, his Minister of Defense, Andrei Belousov, and several other ministers of the Russian Federation, in addition to some other positions in his government. The dictator Kim Jong-un went to the airport to receive Putin. The meeting between the two became an exchange of smiles and gestures of friendship.

In the streets of Pyongyang, the North Korean communist dictatorship has placed numerous posters with Putin's portrait and Russian flags, to show its sympathy for one of its few allies.

Putin declara su 'amistad' con Corea del Norte

Hours before this visit, the official agency of the North Korean dictatorship published an article by Putinin which the Russian dictator declares his "friendship" with North Korea, assuming as his own the cordial relations maintained by the communist dictatorship of Stalin and his successors with the communist dictatorship of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-un, whom he refers to as "friends of the Russian people".

In his writing, Putin also appreciates North Korea's support for Russia in its aggression against Ukraine, a country that the Russian dictator mentions up to three times in his article. Such insistence is no coincidence, nor is his visit to Pyongyang. It has been 24 years since Putin visited North Korea and if he does now it is because he needs his help, specifically the supply of North Korean ammunition and missiles to continue murdering the Ukrainian people.

A country where being discovered as a Christian is “a death sentence”

In January, the Christian NGO Open Doors noted that North Korea is the country that most persecutes Christians in the world. In fact, that brutal communist dictatorship has been at the top of the list of persecution of Christians for years. The aforementioned NGO points out the following in its report on North Korea:

"Being discovered to be a Christian in North Korea is effectively a death sentence. Either believers will be deported to labour camps as political criminals, where they face a life of hard labor which few survive, or they are killed on the spot. The same fate awaits family members. There are believed to be tens of thousands of Christians held in labor camps across the country.

It’s impossible for Christians to live freely in North Korea. Meeting for worship is almost impossible and must be done in utmost secrecy, and at grave risk. In May 2023, five members of a family were arrested as they gathered for prayer and Bible study. Christian literature was also confiscated. The group had reportedly been meeting on a weekly basis, and their arrest followed a tip-off by an informant.

The deplorable treatment of believers is driven by the authoritarian regime’s view that Christians are a particular threat to the country’s leadership and society. The "Anti-reactionary thought law" (enacted in December 2020) makes it amply clear that being a Christian or possessing a Bible is a serious crime and will be severely punished. The churches shown to visitors in Pyongyang serve mere propaganda purposes."

Putin has done nothing for Christians in North Korea

In all the years he has ruled Russia, Putin has done absolutely nothing for the persecuted Christians of North Korea. On the contrary, Putin's dictatorship is one of the few international allies left for the Kim Jong-un regime, a brutal dictatorship that has turned his entire country into a mixture of prison and asylum, in which the cult of the leader reaches extremes not reached even by the most destructive sects.

If Putin is an ally of a regime like that or of a communist dictatorship like that of Beijing, which also stands out for its hatred of Christians (it ranks 19th on the persecution list), < strong>it is because the Russian dictator feels more comfortable with these criminal regimes than with democratic countries, no matter how much his propagandists try to disguise this fact.

The facts make pro-Russian propaganda look ridiculous

In the West, Russia has propagandists who present the Russian dictator as a great reference for Christians and conservatives. Some of these propagandists try to convince us that Moscow is the new Rome. I have been offering arguments for years to denounce these attempts to whitewash Putin, pointing out his nostalgia for communism and his refusal to condemn the crimes of communist dictatorships, and that has been difficult for me to be pointed out in the most varied ways by some of those propagandists. But reality is always more stubborn than propaganda and it is Putin himself who makes ridiculous the lies of his propagandists.


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