Mobilization in defense of the unity of Spain in this Barcelonese city

Catalans of Mataró Demonstrate for Spain with Slogans of ‘Puigdemont to Prison’

Headed by a banner with the motto “Mataró stays in Spain”, this afternoon hundreds of residents of this Barcelonese city have demonstrated against the separatist coup in Catalonia.

A Crowd of Catalans Demonstrate Again in Barcelona Against the Separatist Coup
Tarragona: Thousands of Catalans Demonstrate for the Unity of Spain and for the Constitution

The rally had been convened through social media in the Rafael de Casanova’s Square at five in the afternoon. Many people from Mataró took to the streets with Spanish and Catalan flags, as we can see in this video published by @jmartinanton:

The demonstration continued until nightfall. In it the protesters demanded the imprisonment of the coup plotter Puigdemont (currently awaiting arrest), as we heard in this video of @DaniPintoB:

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