Many of the demonstrators have chanted cries of 'Puigdemont to prison'

Tarragona: Thousands of Catalans Demonstrate for the Unity of Spain and for the Constitution

Thousands of Catalans have demonstrated this afternoon in front of the City Council of Tarragona, called by Societat Civil Catalana, in defense of the unity of Spain and in support of the Constitution.

Young Catalans March in support of Spain in Barcelona in the Francesc Macià Square
Thousands of Spaniards Demonstrate Against the Coup by Claiming 'Puigdemont to Prison'

In the act the Spanish National Anthem has sounded, between a sea of flags of Catalonia and Spain, as we see in this video of Mario García Vidal:

In addition, many demonstrators have chanted slogans of "Puigdemont to prison", as reflected in this video by @FududTio:

One of the songs most heard these days has sounded, the popular "Y viva España" by Manolo Escobar, as seen in this video of @juanarza:


(Photo: @pp_tarragona)

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