Cries in favor of Spain and the Civil Guard and slogans of "Puigdemont to prison"

Young Catalans March in support of Spain in Barcelona in the Francesc Macià Square

Hundreds of young Catalans, carrying flags of Spain and Catalonia, have gathered this afternoon in the Artós Square in Barcelona and are marching at the moment to the Francesc Macià Square.

¡¡Viva Cataluña española!!
Cataluña: esto es lo que casi nunca explican algunos medios españoles e internacionales

In this march that comes from the Artós Square, summoned by social networks and before the almost total media silence, has also come together from the Hospitalet City Council Square, according to reports Dolça Catalunya. On these lines we see an image of the confluence of both marches, published on Twitter by Ada Pérez. As the civic movement Espanya i Catalans has communicated, the itinerary of the march started in the Artós Square passes through the Via Augusta, Balmes and the Diagonal until arriving at the Francesc Macià Square. They call people to this Square at 8:00 p.m. According to Dolça Catalunya, the march is scheduled to arrive at 11:00 pm at the España Square.

Here we see a photo of this mobilization published on Twitter by the digital El Catalán:

In this video published by Daniel Serrano we see the beginning of this marcha, between cries in favor of Spain and the Civil Guard and slogans of “Puigdemont to prison”:

+ UPDATED 0:01h: Impressive demonstration in Barcelona in defense of the unity of Spain. The young people sing the theme “Y viva España” by Manolo Escobar, as we see in this video of Luz Trujillo:

The same song has sounded tonight in the concentration in support of the unity of Spain made in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), as this video of @ManuelQ1978 shows:

UPDATED 1: 26h: Young Catalans who defend the unity of Spain have concentrated in Barcelona before the headquarters of Catalunya Radio, the radio station controlled by the separatist government. The Catalan police, which did nothing against the separatist demonstrations and which on September 20 allowed the coup plotters to destroy three vehicles of the Civil Guard, this time has deployed a group of agents to protect the station. Young people have shouted “Where were you on October 1?”, in reference to the inaction of the Catalan police before the illegal referendum (video of @JoseLui11193626):

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