Contando Estrelas exceeds 10,000 followers on its Facebook page

Last Saturday the page of Facebook of this blog has surpassed the number of 10.000 followers, an increase of more than 2,200 new followers in this year.

I created that page on May 5, 2010. Since then it has involved a bit of a work, not only publishing the contents of the blog, but also interacting with users and sharing contents that I find interesting from other websites. Its promotion has been slow but safe. I have never set goals in terms of numbers, but I have conducted the page with the same philosophy that I have with this blog: to offer a site -even if small- to find good arguments, reasoned opinions and information that do not give the big media.

The growth of the page was slow during its first five years. It ended 2010 with 558 followers, 2011 with 1,321, 2012 with 2,181, 2013 with 3,313, 2014 with 4,197 and 2015 with 5,297, ranging from about 800 to 1,100 new followers a year. However, in 2016 the page soared: closed the year with 7,773 followers, almost 2,500 more than the previous year, becoming viral a few of its publications. It seems that this trend is improving in 2017, and that despite the successive algorithms of Facebook are hurting quite the pages of this type.

I thank all the followers by their atention, especially those who are from the beginning, and also those who share my publications and interact with them. If you do not know it already, I encourage you to join in this link:

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