The Spanish and Polish anthems sounded, with the flags of both countries

A Joint Spanish-Polish Homage to the Spanish Police and Civil Guard

The wave of solidarity with the agents of the Spanish National Police and the Civil Guard, victims of totalitarian harassment in the separatist coup in Catalonia, had a very striking episode this Saturday.

Colossal Demonstration in Barcelona in Defense of the Unity of Spain
Open Letter to Misinformed Foreigners Concerning the Catalan Referendum

In Ciudad Real (Spain) took place this weekend the Memorial Pablo Moraga Díaz, an event of historical disclosure that owes its name to a Spanish who during the Second World War was part of the 9th Company of the 2nd Armored Division of Free France, which participated in the liberation of Paris and died in combat in Alsace in January 1945. In this Memorial participated Poland First to Fight (PFtF), a historical-cultural association formed by Spaniards and Polish residents in Spain, whose purpose is to recreate to the Polish Army between 1939 and 1945.

Poland First to Fight recreated the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, formerly a tribute to the Polish patriots fallen in that bloody battle. But before that, Poland First to Fight wanted to pay homage to the National Police and the Civil Guard. “In our country, unpleasant situations have been occurring in recent weeks,” said Alberto Gómez Trujillo, president of PFtF, “and we also want to thank the police, the Police and the Civil Guard for all the work which they do for us and for our safety,” he added.

During the tribute, in presence of the flags of Spain and Poland, the Royal March and Mazurka of Dąbrowski -the national anthems of both countries – sounded, as we see in this video published by Poland First to Fight on its Facebook page:

I am grateful to Poland First to Fight, and also to the Polish readers of this blog – who are already a few – their support for Spain in the face of the separatist coup against constitutional legality in Catalonia. Thank you, from the heart, from a person who has a great admiration for Poland.

¡Viva España! Niech żyje Polska!

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