Clamor against the separatist coup and in defense of constitutional legality

Colossal Demonstration in Barcelona in Defense of the Unity of Spain

This Sunday, convoked by Societat Civil Catalana, hundreds of thousands of people have joined a demonstration in the streets of the capital of Catalonia to oppose the separatist coup.

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The streets of Barcelona have been filled by the huge influx of people towards the demonstration. Among the attendees were many flags of Spain and Catalonia, as seen in this video of El Club de los Viernes:

One of the slogans heard in the colossal march has been "Puigdemont to prison", in reference to the leader of the separatist coup, as you can listen in this video of Luis Roca:

There have also been signs of support for the Spanish Security Forces, as we see in this Europa Press video, in which demonstrators chant "this is our police" before agents of the Civil Guard:

The National Police also received samples of support. In this photo of Cruz Morcillo we see a van from the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) that has been covered by demonstrators with flowers and Spanish and Catalan flags.

But in front the Catalan Autonomous Police the crowd shouted "this is not our police", after the repeated breaches of the duty that their agents have committed following the illegal slogans of the Catalan separatist government (video of Mario González)

There have also been demonstrations in other countries

Abroad there have also been calls in support of Barcelona. In this video of Javier Albares we see the concentration made today at the gates of the European Parliament in Brussels in defense of the unity of Spain:

And there have also been hundreds of Spaniards in London at Picadilly Circus, where the famous song "Y viva España" by Manolo Escobar has been heard, as Daniel Berzosa shows in this video:

Yesterday afternoon, hundreds of Spaniards demonstrated in Dubai with flags of Spain and Catalonia (video de @e_carazo):

Spanish citizens have also demonstrated in Miami (Florida, United States) in defense of the unity of Spain, as we see in this photo published in Twitter by Hermann Tertsch‏:

Spanish residents of Santiago de Chile have also been mobilized, in front of the Spanish Stadium of Las Condes, as we see in this video of Hugo Romo:

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