To Spain

Barbarian, raw destiny
That thus our glories kills …!
Why the ungrateful pride
Always cut us the way?
Why this mean effort
To make a people two?
What to rave about
Of miserable endeavors?
What to show us small,
If he made us great God?

Fatherland … your affliction I deplore,
And in your lap I sigh;
When your greatness I look,
But your misfortunes I cry;
New victims in choir
Are mixed in your memory,
And as always, your story
Stir in your misfortune,
The cry of bitterness
With the weeping of glory!

(Fragment of the poem “To Spain” of Bernardo López García, 1838-1870)

The photo I made in a concentration made in Vigo in defense of the unit of Spain the 30 of September.

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