She explains what actually Spain is and the attacks on freedoms by separatism

‘Love Beats Hate’: A Spanish Girl Explains You the Truth about Catalonia in an English Video

Last week Catalan separatism published a tearful English video, full of lies and starring by an actress. A Spanish teenager has made a reply to tell the truth about Catalonia.

‘Help Catalonia’: a Video With an Actress as Protagonist and With Scenes Filmed in Galicia
Published a Video in English to Explain the Truth About Catalonia to Everyone

The video has been published by Cañas por España, a group of young people who defend the unity of Spain, in its Youtube channel. The Spanish girl explains what is actually Spain and the attacks on freedoms by separatism in Catalonia. You can watch the video here:

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  1. Cristina

    And please, come to Bcn also to study… adds…please, help us , “the other catalans”: those who are the silence majority, to grow and to add.

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