The feminist demonstration of the video was made in Santiago de Compostela

‘Help Catalonia’: a Video With an Actress as Protagonist and With Scenes Filmed in Galicia

The viral video of the week, released on Tuesday by the Catalan separatists of Òmnium Cultural, is another episode of the separatist grotesque I was referring to this morning.

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The protagonist: an actress specializing in dramatic art

The video, a tearful attempt to make the world a pile of lies about Catalonia, as if it were an oppressed people and living in a colonial situation and brutal repression, is on its way to being another of the great pricks of Catalan separatism. Libertad Digital publishes today that its protagonist is an actress, Anna Maruny Castillón, with profile in Yate Casting and in the website of the Association of Actors and Professional Directors of Catalonia. In this last one it is indicated that she has been dedicated to the musical theater and has a title of Dramatic Art, among other courses in the profession. Yate Casting points out that her professions are actress, stewardess, dancer, singer, student, assistant, model and musician. I augur her a promising future on TV3, the TV of the separatist regime.

A scene recorded in Santiago de Compostela

To make matters worse, yesterday La Voz de Galicia revealed that some scenes of the video were recorded in Santiago de Compostela, specifically at a feminist demonstration held on 8 March. You can see the original video here (the images used in the “Help Catalonia” video appear at 2:06 min of this video). It is a pity that they had not left the original sound, because a woman was heard speaking Galician (it would have been very funny). I confess my stupor, because the last time I visited Santiago I found it an hour from the Vigo motorway: I could not imagine that I had traveled to Catalonia … Obviously, the authors of the Catalan video knew perfectly well that the images they were using were not of Catalonia, but he did not care.

For Catalan separarism the end justifies the means

In the end, what is demonstrated once again is that for Catalan separatism everything is justified, starting with lies, to achieve its political objectives: from falsifying history to propagating hoaxes in the social media, organizing electoral fraud – in which in many places there have been more affirmative votes than census people – and spreading false figures of injured people. And the worst thing is that they consider it justified to deceive people for equally evil ends, such as poisoning the coexistence, abducting national sovereignty and breaking the unity of Spain. What I wonder is what do many people who say they have high moral principles, collaborating with unscrupulous people for which the end justifies any means.

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