The municipal government of the CUP dropped the flag illegally on October 27

Sabadell: Thousands of Catalans Demand the Mayor in the Streets to Raise the Spanish Flag

This afternoon took place in Sabadell (Barcelona) a rally in the San Roque Square, before the City Council, to demand that Mayor Maties Serracant to raise the Spanish flag

Multitud de catalanes vuelven a manifestarse en Barcelona en contra del golpe
Catalanes de Mataró se manifiestan por España con gritos de ‘Puigdemont a prisión’

Serracant, belonging to the communist and independentist coalition Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP), was responsible for the dropping of the Spanish flag on October 27, following the coup d’état made by the separatists in the Catalan Parliament. In addition, the government of the extremists of the CUP also dropped the European flag. In response, Societat Civil Catalana convoked the residents to mobilize to demand that both flags be raised. The response has been impressive, as we see in this video of @DaniPintoB:

The neighbors have chanted slogans such as “where is our flag?” in front of the City Council building, as reflected this video of @gomezjgr:

Societat Civil Catalana has already announced that it will denounce the Sabadell City Council if it does not replace the Spanish flag, as its absence in a municipal building is a direct violation of Art. 3 of Law 39/1981, of October 28, by which regulates the use of the Spanish flag.

(Photo: @ejimenezcara)

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