Santa Claus Tries to Flirt and Other Photos of Christmas 2017 in Bayona

I take this series of photos last week in Bayona (Galicia, Spain), the first town in Europe that received the news of the Discovery of America in 1493. One of the most curious images I saw in the window of a fashion store: Santa Claus trying to connect with a brunette girl (without much success, surely the girl was Spanish and preferred to the Magi, hehe).

On the other hand, King Alfonso IX of León - the monarch who granted his charter to the old Erizana in 1201, baptizing it as "Bayona" - has come across a large white star in the new location of his monument, which has been recently installed in the new gazebo that has been built in front of the Fishermen's Guild. The King seems to be examining the star next to his horse.

Bayona: Bonfires of St John Next to a Great Castle
Bayona: Hermitage of Santa Marta

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