Documents: the New Documentary Archive of Counting Stars Begins its Journey

Some time ago I wanted to open a new section in the blog, dedicated to collect interesting documents, to make them available to the general public and, also, help to conserve them.

Documents [English] · Documentos [Spanish] · Dokumenty [Polish]

In 13 years that I have been with this blog I have linked many sources of all kinds, and now many have ceased to be available. As much as possible, I would like this new section to ensure that the documents that I link are always within reach, and that they are also compiled in an index that may be useful to readers.

The new section, entitled “Documents” (click here), is accessible from the footer of the blog, so it can be found on any of its pages. It also has an Spanish and a Polish version. It will not always be possible to have translations in those three languages, but I will do what I can.

At the moment, this new section already contains some historical documents such as the testament of Pope St. John Paul II (in English, Spanish and Polish), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (also available in all three languages), the Spanish Constitution (in Spanish and English), etc.

Soon I will be adding new documents. I hope the new section is of your interest. Of course, if you wish to contribute some document that you find interesting, I am open to suggesregencies.

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