On March 8 they launched slogans against a group of Spanish rapists

Spain: the Curious Reaction of a Feminist Group About the Girls Raped by a Group of Algerians

On March 22, the Spanish National Police arrested in Alicante ten Algerians responsible for several sexual assaults on teenage girls, all happened in that Spanish city.

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Those ten rapists, who are part of a dangerous organized gang, are accused of locking up a 14-year-old girl, who they repeatedly raped one after the other. Two other teenagers, aged 15 and 17, have also been victims of sexual assaults by this group. The three victims have in common the fact of having escaped from juvenile centers in Alicante. Detainees are also accused of other crimes, such as theft and robbery in private homes and stores. In fact, they have seized various material from these robberies. Two of the detainees are minors.

Slogans against a group violation committed by Spaniards

Two weeks before these arrests took place, a feminist demonstration was held in Alicante in which slogans were launched against a recent group rape that took place at the San Fermín festivities in Pamplona in July 2016, facts that have generated great controversy in Spain. The alleged perpetrators of that violation are five Spaniards. The aforementioned mobilization on March 8 was convened by the "Plataforma Feminista de Alicante" (Feminist Platform of Alicante), an entity that brings together feminist groups and trade unions and leftist and far-leftist parties.

Absolute silence of the platform about the Algerian rapists

On March 22, as I have pointed out, the arrests of the ten Algerian rapists took place. A case occurred in the same city of Alicante in which the aforementioned feminist group has its activity. A review of the Facebook page of the Feminist Platform of Alicante reveals that they have not dedicated a single publication to the detention of Algerian rapists. This silence is shocking: two weeks after that platform was manifested in that city by hurling slogans against a group of rapists in Pamplona, ​​these feminists do not even consider worth mentioning the arrest of an organized group of ten rapists in their own city, after having sexually assaulted three teenagers.

What is the reason for this surprising silence? If group rape is committed by Spaniards, they protest, but if the rape is committed by Algerians, then not? Do the girls raped by these ten savages not deserve the same attention as any other woman who has been the victim of rape, simply because the left is determined to cover with a blanket of silence any crime that has been committed by immigrants?


(Photo: Cristina Sánchez López / Plataforma Feminista de Alicante)

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