A great lesson for a Europe that puts its comfort before the most sacred

Admirable Act of Heroism in Paris: A Man Climbed a Building to Save a 4 Years Old Child

It happened last Saturday in the capital of France and the video has gone viral. A young man risked his life climbing up a building to save a 4-year-old child who was left hanging on a balcony.

The images are really spectacular:

The hero is called Mamoudou Gassama, was born in Mali and entered France without papers a few months ago. The boy had been left alone by his father (who had gone down to do some shopping), and Mamoudou saw him when he went with his girlfriend to see the final of the European Cup. Without thinking twice, he climbed four floors to save the little boy.

Today he has received the President of France, who has guaranteed French nationality and has awarded him a distinction for his act of heroism. The Firemen of Paris have already announced that they are ready to welcome him. I sincerely hope that he will be granted the Legion of Honor.

A great moral lesson to a Europe that throws away its values

The heroism of Mamoudou reminds us that a person is not good or bad because of their race or nationality, despite what certain fanatics insist (and I think, for example, of the newly-invested president of Catalonia, Torra, who called "thieves, fascists, repulsive, pathetic, carrion beasts, vipers, and hyenas with a tare in the DNA" to the Spaniards). But the example of this young African is particularly valuable in a Europe that has been throwing its values overboard, to the point of putting the comfort and well-being of adults even to something as sacred as the lives of the little ones. defenseless, as we have just seen in the case of Ireland. Mamoudou did not think of himself, but to save that little boy even at the risk of his life. What a difference with those who insist on calling "right" to get rid of their children before birth. Thank you, Mamoudou, for reminding us how valuable human life is.

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