She believes that women are victims of a great male conspiracy

Feminist Leader Says That the Heterosexual Couple Involve a "Risk to the Lives of Women"

Infobae published an interview with Marta Dillon last sunday, in which this writer, feminist leader and militant lesbian from Argentina made some statements that are causing stupor.

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She considers 'violence' that housewives do not have a salary

In the third question of the interview, Dillon affirms: "Patriarchy, which is what feminists denounce, is a social structure that sustains itself with violence, and these violences are economic." The most surprising thing comes next, when she explains: "The violence is that we have to work on domestic tasks and that they are never paid". This is a lie. Women are not forced to work in domestic tasks. If a woman wants to have a paid job, it is enough to look for it. What does not make sense is that remuneration is requested for private domestic work. In fact, if the domestic work of a person in their own home were paid, who should pay that remuneration? The husband, perhaps? And if he also collaborates in these domestic tasks, who pays him? This woman sees the family as a mere economic relationship based on power, as a relationship between the oppressor man and the oppressed woman. It is a false and aberrant vision of the family. But here the nonsense is not over.

She attributes the murders of women to a great sexual conspiracy

The feminist leader also affirms that "femicides are not only a crime committed against that woman, but it is a crime committed to discipline all women." This is to make a priori judgment on any homicide of a woman at the hands of her partner, as if the feminist leader knew in advance the reasons why a man is capable of committing that atrocity. Like all generalizations, it is unfair and false. But in addition to being unfair and false, this generalization is fraught with perverse prejudices. With that affirmation, Marta Dillon is repeating her ideological scheme of oppressive men and oppressed women, a scheme that demonizes men by the mere fact of being, as if we hated women and had a global conspiracy against them. An absolute paranoia.

She says that heterosexual couples are a 'risk' for women

Later, and in relation to partner violence, Dillon makes one of the most controversial statements of this interview: "the heterosexual couple is a risk factor for the lives of women." And what is she based on to say this? Well, in the following: "the main cause of death in women under 44 years is domestic violence." I do not know where she got that data. In the statistics of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina (see PDF), the total number of deaths of women by homicide in Argentina in 2015 was 235. The figure includes the murders of girls, and even murders committed by strangers, so we talk about crimes of very different types. The fact is that in Argentina there are 21.5 million women. In 2013, for example, 156,688 Argentine women died, the vast majority of them (115,401) from chronic noncommunicable diseases. In terms of ages, in 2013, 13,415 Argentines aged 0 and 44 died from these diseases. In that same age range, deaths from injuries were 12,049. These last two figures refer to the population of the two sexes. In that same year, 5,218 women and 15,890 men died from injuries. That is to say, that in Argentina three times more men die than women because of injuries, and yet Marta Dillon thinks that there is a conspiracy by men to oppress and kill women.

A paranoid theory about couples as part of a conspiracy

Indifferent to statistics, social reality and common sense, Marta Dillon continues to explain her conspiracy theory: "the couple functions as the heterosexual sexual contract, it is a need of patriarchy to keep working, this to have women within the house, that women fulfill some functions, make us believe that for every woman there is a man and that we realize ourselves when we are mothers and that our main task is to give love to others and if we do not comply that is disciplined with violence." I wonder how it is possible that a person who considers herself to be serious can go out in a media outlet and launch these nonsense. And the worst thing is that there are many who believe them. This woman thinks, seriously, that society is like a huge brothel, run by that half of the population that has a penis between the legs, violent beings and oppressors called men. And after exposing some theories that demonize men so blatantly, the feminist leader still dares to affirm the following: "That we hate men is another strategy of patriarchy to defend itself." That is, more paranoia. What Dillon thinks no longer seems an ideology, but a psychiatric problem.

What would society say if Dillon's paranoia were directed against the Jews?

I would like us to reflect for a moment on the scope that some people give to their prejudices: what difference is there between these feminist paranoia and the paranoia of the anti-Semites who attribute all evils to a Jewish world conspiracy? In one case the hatred is directed against the members of one sex, in the other against those of a race. In both cases, what underlies this vision of the world is a tremendous fanaticism and a great distancing from reality. The big difference is that anti-Semitism is today socially rejected, while those paranoid theories of radical feminism are being imposed on laws and schools. It is disgusting to impose such absurd prejudices on girls against the opposite sex, and it is disgusting to impose a sense of guilt on boys simply because they are boys. If radical feminists like Dillon hate half humanity, it's their problem, but leave the children alone.


(Photo: Infobae)

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