He supported a group founded by an abortionist that matches children with trash

A Politician Supports Punishing Families with 3 or More Children for “Irresponsible Breeding”

A candidate of the Democratic Party of the USA, Scott Wallace, who has the support of the abortionist lobby Planned Parenthood, has caused controversy for supporting an anti-family organization.

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A group founded by an abortionist that equates children with trash

According to Fox News, between 1997 and 2003 Wallace donated $ 420,000 to Zero Population Growth (ZPG), an organization founded by abortion biologist Paul Ehrlich, who has equated children with “trash” and has even supported forced abortions in China. Ehrlich is a neo-Malthusian who supports the most absurd myths of overpopulation, to the point of defending that there are millions of people (among whom he is never included). The organization of Ehrlich affirmed that “no responsible family should have more than two children” and demanded to charge more taxes to families with three and more children for “irresponsible upbringing”.

He also supported another group that proposed imposing reproductive licenses

Fox News also notes that in 2010 Wallace donated $ 20,000 to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE), an environmental group that sees economic growth as undesirable. CASSE supports a society with equal birth and mortality rates, and considers that a “mature” society is one that maintains zero population growth. A leader of that group, Herman Daly, even proposed that reproductive licenses be imposed that only allowed women to have one or two children, being able to buy their licenses from other women to have more offspring, in order to limit the growth of the population. That would imply that only wealthy families could be numerous. Wallace’s campaign communication director, Zoe Wilson-Meyer, declined to answer questions from Fox News about whether the candidate supports the ideas proposed by the groups she was funding.

One wonders how many politicians maintain, as in the case of Wallace, commitments with organizations whose plans are to control the society as who controls a herd of sheep, even prohibiting having a certain number of children even if that goes against the wishes of mothers. It is alarming that politicians who do not respect human rights can access public funds and participate in the drafting of laws, so that they may use them to fulfill some purposes that deserve to be described as totalitarian. But yes, disguising themselves as “democrats” …

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