He condemned an attack on a Muslim girl, attack that turned out to be false

Feminist Justin Trudeau refuses to condemn the aggression to a Pro-Life Woman in Toronto

The controversy generated in Canada by the aggression of a kick made by a feminist man against a Pro-Life girl has met with the absolute silence of the country’s prime minister.

Feminist man kicks a Pro-Life girl and then blaming her of hating women
The prime minister of Canada censures the word ‘mankind’ for not being ‘inclusive’

Despite the controversy generated by the aggression, Trudeau remains silent

According to LifeSiteNews, this news portal contacted the prime minister this Thursday morning to gather his opinion on the aggression, whose video has become viral these days in Canada and in other countries:

LifeSiteNews notes that Trudeau, who two years ago encouraged men to be feminists and considers abortion to be over freedom of speech, “refused to directly condemn” the attack. Instead, the Canadian government, through one of its ministers, confined itself to reporting: “We condemn all forms of violence.” The statement makes no reference to the assaulted, nor does it provide the support of the Government. No statement has been published on the website of the prime minister. LifePetitions, the LifeSiteNews petitions portal, has launched a petition addressed to Trudeau demanding that he condemn the attack.

Trudeau did condemn an attack on a Muslim girl who turned out to be invented

LifeSiteNews remembers that Trudeau did not, however, refrain from condemning earlier this year an alleged anti-Muslim “hate crime” against a young girl that was supposed to have taken place in Toronto. An 11-year-old girl claimed that a man approached her with scissors in an attempt to cut off her hijab as she walked to school one morning. The story turned out to be fake news, but not before Trudeau lavished his support on the girl. However, when the attack is a Pro-Life girl and there is a video that proves the attack, the Canadian Prime Minister is silent.

The mayor of Toronto and the prime minister of Ontario do not condemn either

It must be said that Trudeau is not the only one who has been silent about this aggression. LifeSiteNews also contacted the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, on Thursday afternoon, without receiving any response from him on this matter. LifeSiteNews also contacted Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontanium Prime Minister Doug Ford (both from the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, a center-right formation), and Andrea Horwath, leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario. (a social-democratic formation). None of them wanted to make statements about the aggression that occurred last Sunday in Toronto. Like Trudau, Mayor Andrew Scheer did show his support for the aforementioned Muslim girl who denounced an assault last January. An aggression that never existed, according to the Toronto Police.

(Photo: Canadian Press / Todd Korol)

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