Justin Trudeau recriminated a young woman for using it in a question time

The Prime Minister of Canada censors the word 'mankind' for not being 'inclusive'

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is an example of the extent of tawdriness to which the political correctness is been driving by the progressive ideology.

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A politician censures a young woman and other girls applaud him for it

It happened last Friday, at an event held in Nanaimo, in the province of British Columbia. During the question time of the audience a young woman from a Christian restorationist church spoke, who urged Trudeau to review the current Canadian legislation that restricts voluntary work in religious charitable organizations. As Carlisle du Rozel explains in Squawker.org, the State must qualify a religious charitable organization as an NGO in Canada, and the beliefs or practices of that organization "should not be subversive or immoral". That means that the Canadian government is given the power to determine which religious and cultural beliefs are moral and which are not. The young lady was saying "maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind ..."

But right at that moment Trudeau interrupted the girl and corrected her using the plural: "We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, because it’s more inclusive." Surprisingly, many young women, some of them wearing an Islamic headscarf, applauded the Canadian politician, as if to them it seemed great that a politician censure a young woman in this shameful way. You can see the moment in question in the following video:

A radical pro-abortion who imposes his ideas through coercion

Although Justin Trudeau declares himself Catholic, he is the archetype of the left-wing liberal. Radically an abortionist, he has described the murder of unborn children as a "human right" and has committed Canada to invest 650 million dollars in promoting this crime throughout the world, to counterprogram the pro-life policies that Donald Trump is developing in the United States. In addition, in December, he imposed on Canadian companies the obligation to defend abortion and the theses of the LGBT lobby to receive public aid, a coercive requirement proper of a dictatorship and that has received harsh criticism from politicians, media and Canadian religious leaders. A few days ago, the Archbishop of Ottawa, Monsignor Terrence Prendergast, reminded Trudeau that one can not be a Catholic and at the same time defend abortion. "Even if Trudeau were not a Catholic Christian" added the prelate, he "cannot invent, promote or defend a non-existent right".

Trudeau does not respect the freedom of speech of the pro-life

Although he presumed to be "inclusive," Trudeau's policies are not limited to being radically exclusive to unborn children and those who do not submit to the ideological dictates of their government. A few weeks ago, a student asked the Prime Minister if the pro-life had no freedom of speech: "If you’re pro-life then you are ridiculed and insulted, but if you’re pro-choice then you’re praised. And I just want to know if this is important to you", the boy told him. Instead of defending the freedom of expression of those who do not like him, Trudeau said that the pro-life are "not in line with society," as if society had only space for those who think like the Prime Minister. It is not the only area in which his party, the liberal (center-left), is attacking human rights and fundamental freedoms: last year, in Ontario, his party threatened to withdraw custody of parents who oppose to the theses of the LGBT lobby. A threat worthy of a totalitarian regime.

Trudeau's dangerous friendship with Islam

Trudeau has shown much more indulgence with the jihadists than with the Christians. In December, in a televised interview, the Prime Minister praised the jihadists who claim to have rejected their "odious ideology" to return to their countries of origin, and expressed their wish that they become a voice against radicalism. But to what extent is that retraction not faked? The Minister of Public Security of Canada had already shown his skepticism about it. Interestingly, Trudeau made that statement after spending a vacation in 2016 on a private island owned by multimillionaire Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the Ismaili branch of Shiite Muslims. A vacation with which, in addition, Trudeau violated the Canadian law, which prevents him from receiving gifts that may involve a conflict of interest with his government action.


(Photo: The Canadian Press - Todd Korol)

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