It talks about the denunciation of a Muslim organization against Javier Ortega

The Gatestone Institute of the USA talks about Islam and Vox … and quotes Contando Estrelas

The Gatestone Institute, a conservative organization founded by John R. Bolton, current National Security Advisor of the United States, today published a chronicle about Spain.

In Spain you can assault a chapel but they want to punish the opposition to Islamism
A Polish newspaper rejects the anti-Spanish Black Legend (and alludes a blogger of Vigo)

The American organization talks about the denunciation for “Islamophobia” against Javier Ortega

A Polish reader of this blog has warned me about the publication on the Gatestone Institute website of an article entitled “Spain: Does the Term ‘Islamist’ Constitute Hate Speech?”. The article, signed by Soeren Kern, talks about the complaint of a Muslim organization against Javier Ortega Smith, general secretary of Vox, for stating the following in a public act: “Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of progress, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family, the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called the Islamist invasion.

Contando Estrelas is the reference source of the article

The article of the Gatestone Institute, very complete, quotes the words of Ortega that have given rise to this complaint, and also includes the statements made by Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, in this regard. In addition, the article also mentions the Spanish edition of this blog, collecting up to a dozen quotations from the article that I published on April 4. In fact, Contando Estrelas figures as the reference source of that article. I published that article also in Counting Stars, this English edition of the blog, created with the purpose of transmitting what I publish to the Anglo-Saxon world and to obtain, to the extent of my possibilities, that outside of Spain they do not limit to reading the messages that emit the separatists and the leftists. For me, it is an honor to be cited by an organization known throughout the world that raises a clear defense of democracy, human rights and the free market in the face of the growing threat of Islamism.

“Popular support for Vox is higher than ever”, the Gatestone Institute notes

As for Vox, the Gatestone Institute publishes in that article one of the most accurate definitions that I have seen in a foreign media, far from the cliches and falsehoods that usually publish national and international media, and especially pointing out the coincidences between the Spanish party and that American organization:

Vox (based on the Latin word for voice) describes itself as is a socially conservative political project aimed at defending traditional Spanish values from the challenges posed by mass migration, multiculturalism and globalism. Vox’s foundational mission statement affirms that the party is dedicated to constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism and the rule of law. In foreign policy, Vox is pro-Israel, pro-American and pro-NATO. Party leaders have called for Spain to double its defense spending to meet its commitments to the transatlantic alliance. In domestic policy, Vox’s stated priority is to enact constitutional reforms aimed at preventing the territorial disintegration of Spain from threats by Basque nationalism and Catalan separatism.”

The Gatestone Institute also addresses the Vox boom in the polls: popular support for Vox is higher than ever, according to the Center for Sociological Research (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, CIS), a Spanish public research institute. A recent poll found that Vox is projected to win around 12% of the vote in the upcoming national election on April 28. Vox would win between 29 and 37 seats in the next parliament, positioning the party as king-maker in any potential center-right coalition government.” I sincerely hope that the result is even greater.

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