He was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital located just 12 minutes by car

A French citizen dies in Barcelona airport: separatists blocked the way to ambulances

Last night I was wondering here if Sánchez’s government was waiting for a dead to act against the wave of separatist violence in Catalonia. Well, it has already happened.

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The Catalan Government tries to unlink the fact of the riots

Today it has been known that a 62-year-old French citizen died Monday in the middle of the separatist siege against El Prat Airport, in Barcelona. According to the newspaper Abc, this man had serious cardiovascular problems and had to walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 because the buses that connect both did not work because of the riots caused by the separatists. Once in Terminal 2, the French citizen suffered a faint and the emergency services attended him there by cardiorespiratory arrest. Abc quotes a note from the Emergency Medical Service (SEM) of Catalonia, under the Catalan Government, in which it separates this fact from the protests. The same note indicates that they chose to use a helicopter and not an ambulance because of the patient’s medical condition, and not due to the collapse of the airport.

They mobilized a helicopter for a evacuation that takes 12 minutes by road

However, there is something that does not fit in the SEM version. This Service indicates that the patient was transferred to Bellvitge Hospital, which is only 12 minutes by car from Terminal 2 of El Prat Airport in normal conditions. Do they usually mobilize a helicopter to take a tour that is covered by land in just 12 minutes? Ok Diario, citing official sources, notes that the helicopter was used because the airport was collapsed. This media notes that this has been recognized by an official Emergency spokesperson.

The separatists blocked the way to ambulances in the airport

Ok Diario also points out that the base of the SEM aicrafts is in Sabadell, at the Parc Taulí Hospital, about 35 kilometers away, which is why the evacuation was “much slower” than in normal conditions, something that may have influenced fatally in this case, since every minute matters in a sanitary evacuation. El Periódico de Aragón has published today that an operator of the emergency telephone 112 indicated that by the blockade of the airport they could not send ambulances. The newspaper notes that no road connection was enabled between terminals 1 and 2, which would have allowed the passengers who need it to be evicted. The newspaper publishes this statement from an airport employee: It is incomprehensible that there was no lane only for emergencies, be it ambulances or firefighters, or between the two terminals or between them and the airport.”

France avoids pronouncement and the Catalan government refuses to condemn violence

The nationalist newspaper La Vanguardia hastened to publish that the French Embassy dissociated what happened from the blockade of the airport, but has had to rectify the news, recognizing that this “has not been confirmed by the Embassy in a conversation with this newspaper, and they rule out to pronounce on the relation of the case with the demonstration.

In turn, the Catalan separatist government maintains its complicity with the perpetrators of acts of violence. This midday, the president of the Catalan regional government, Quim Torra, has avoided condemning separatist violence on the third consecutive day of serious altercations. This attitude has earned him even the reproach of the separatist deputy Gabriel Rufián, of ERC, who has declared that “there can be no ambiguities, no palliative, there is nothing to justify the violence.”

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