The government has issued a statement in which it does not announce any action

‘Kill him’: the creepy scene of Catalan separatists trying to kill a police officer

Catalan separatism continues with its escalation of tension program, leading to the streets of Catalonia an extreme violence with barricades, fires and attacks on law enforcement.

Political prisoners? No: prisoners for harassing the Civil Guard and destroying three vehicles
Brutal separatist attack against a man in Barcelona for wearing a Spanish flag

This video has been published by @Espball a few hours ago. It shows violent separatists attacking vans of the Mossos de Esquadra, the Catalan Autonomous Police, in Barcelona. In the second 0:25 you see an agent who falls off the ground. The separatists surround him and attack him shouting “Mateu-lo” (Kill him, in Catalan), as Dolça Catalunya and the journalist Cristian Campos have pointed out. The violent separatists were making their intentions clear while they surrounded, kicked and threw objects against the Police officer:

The Spanish Government issues an ‘urgent statement’ in which it does not announce any action

This is already terrorism. And while this was happening in Barcelona, the Government issued an “urgent statement” in which it acknowledges that “tonight’s violence is being widespread in all protests”, but does not announce any action given the open complicity of the Catalan separatist government with the violent ones. What is this government for, in addition to digging up dead bodies? Is Sanchez waiting for dead people to apply the State of Exception in Catalonia and launch Article 155 of the Constitution? From what is being seen in the last hours, I fear that it will end up happening if the Government does not act now.

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