She has died at the age of 106: he spent much of her life in exile in the US

Farewell to Maria Mirecka-Loryś: fighter against the nazism and persecuted by the communists

This Sunday, May 29, Maria Mirecka-Loryś, a veteran of the Polish resistance against Nazi Germany in World War II, passed away in Warsaw.

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According to the PAP agency, Maria Mirecka-Loryś was born on February 7, 1916 in Ulanów, in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship. She studied at the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv, where she joined the Polish Youth Academic Union. After the German-Soviet invasion of Poland, she joined the Polish resistance, as did many other women. In the spring of 1940, she was appointed commander of the Women's National Military Organization. In the spring of 1945, she became Commander-in-Chief of the Narodowe Zjednoczenie Wojskowe Kobiet (Women's National Military Union).

After the war, Maria resumed her legal studies at the Jagiellonian University, but on August 1, 1945, she was arrested by the communist authorities in Nisko, only to be released a month later. Faced with the threat of being arrested again, in December 1945 she went into exile from Poland and joined the camp of the Second Polish Corps, commanded by General Władysław Anders, near Ancona, Italy. There she met her husband, officer Henryk Lorysio, with whom she emigrated to Great Britain in October 1946.
In January 1952 he left for the United States with her family, settling first in Toledo, Ohio, and in 1954 in Chicago. In the US, she participated in the organizations of Poles residing in the country, being a member of the Main Board of the Union of Polish Women in America and of the National Board of the Polish American Congress. For 32 years she was the editor of "Głos Polek", the organ of the Union of Polish Women in America. In the 1970s she started helping Poles in the former border areas of Poland. In December 1999, she assumed the position of Vice President of the Supreme Council of the National Party. She also collaborated with Chicago Polish Radio.

In 2016, on her 100th birthday, the Polish Parliament adopted a resolution commemorating her patriotic activity: "On the centenary of her birth, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland wants to express its gratitude to the extraordinary patriot Maria Mirecka-Loryś and thank you for your enormous contribution to the struggle for the independence of the motherland and the constant care of the Poles. around the world," the resolution said. These lines serve as a tribute to this brave fighter for freedom. Rest in peace.

Cześć jej pamięci!
Honor to her memory!



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