Politically incorrect series that does not pay the typical ideological tolls

'The Terminal List': an excellent series that has brought wokes to the brink of hysteria

This week I finished watching "The Terminal List", a series starring Chris Pratt and which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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The series stars Pratt himself in the role of James Reece, an officer of Team VII of the Navy SEALs, the US Navy's special operations group. The story starts with a mission in Syria. One aspect to highlight is that it is very well set and the military and tactical aspects of the series are very well taken care of, a sign that he has received good advice in that regard. This time we find Chris Pratt in a role in which we can see dramatic registers that are not usual in other roles that he has done, and the result is very good. It is, in short, a good story, which maintains interest until the last moment.

I could stop writing like this, but the fact is that this series is being crushed by critics, especially by the most woke. Yesterday the newspaper El Mundo published a criticism of the series written as if Pratt had stolen the girlfriend of the author of the text, presenting it as "the worst series of the week" and dedicating a few doses of inquina that are reflected in the affirmation that the The actor has an "ultra-conservative and ultra-Catholic aura". Let's finish! Now it turns out that a series is bad because it doesn't pay the ideological tolls of the liberal inquisition. The funniest thing is reading the comments of the readers: almost all of them contradict that criticism and even put it to broth, and the same on Twitter.

In Hipertextual they are alarmed because they say that the series "has crazy people obsessed with weapons" and "that is worrying." If we were talking about a series that defended abortion, another rooster would crow, right? I don't want to imagine what they will say if they see a movie about World War II, that ugly conflict in which the Allies decided to defeat the Nazis with weapons because John Lennon's "Imagine" had not yet been written.

Yes, Pratt is a Christian, and he has also made a politically incorrect series, in which religion and family are treated well. There are also no ideological winks that are common in many Hollywood productions. There is also no LGBT quota. Scandal! The series does not share the typical dose of progressive morality, and that for some is inexcusable. I don't want to imagine how some would put Alexandre Dumas if he had published "The Count of Monte Cristo" today instead of in the middle of the 19th century.

For my part, I recommend "The Terminal List", I loved it, so I'm sure now I'll be labeled "ultra-conservative", "ultra-Catholic" and "weapon-crazy", but I don't care. Here I leave you with the trailer:

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