The Republic of China is an independent country with its own army

Is Taiwan like Catalonia? A reply to the propaganda supporters of communist China

As has been happening with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the propagandists of the Chinese communist regime are working overtime to spread misinformation.

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They try to extend the influence of communist China among the defenders of unity Spain

As a result of the recent tensions between the People's Republic of China (communist) and the Republic of China (democratic, also known as Taiwan), some pleople have appeared on social networks comparing the case of Taiwan to that of China, affirming that Taiwan is part of China in the same way that Catalonia is part of Spain. It is a very clumsy way of extending the influence of that communist dictatorship among the defenders of the unity of Spain, especially among those in whom the Kremlin's anti-Western propaganda has already penetrated, which is the main ally of Communist China.

Catalonia has always been a part of the Spanish Nation

Obviously, comparing a region of Spain with an independent country is absolute nonsense. Catalonia has never been an independent country. Since Spain was formed as one of the first modern nations at the end of the 15th century, Catalonia has always been part of Spain. In the 1978 referendum, in which the Spanish voted for the current Spanish Constitution (whose Article 2 affirms "the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation"), the text received overwhelming support in all the Spanish provinces, including the Catalan ones.

Likewise, the separatist coup d'état of 2017, with which the separatist parties sought to suspend the validity of the Constitution in Catalonia, illegally, committing crimes of sedition and embezzlement of public funds and with a fraudulent referendum, gave rise to a unilateral and illegal declaration of independence that the separatists themselves suspended as soon as it was proclaimed and that did not obtain the recognition of any sovereign country in the world. The only thing this coup served for was to divide and confront Catalan society itself, drive away many investors and offer Russia one o opportunity to generate instability in a NATO member country.

Taiwan is an independent country and heir to the 1912 Republic of China

On the contrary, the Republic of China was established in 1912. In 1927 the Communist Party of China initiated a military uprising, with which a civil war began that would be suspended in 1937 with the start of the Japanese occupation of China. The civil war continued in 1946 and ended with the defeat of the nationalists, until then in power and who took refuge on the island of Taiwan, Penghu, Quemoy, Matsu, Pratas and Taiping. Following the success of their military uprising, the communists founded the People's Republic of China, while the Republic of China continued to exist in what we know today as Taiwan, which is the rightful heir to the Republic of China founded in 1912 and whose name it retains today.

Taiwan was one of the founding countries of the UN in 1945

It should be noted that the Republic of China was one of the founding countries of the UN in 1945, and the Taiwanese government continued to maintain its representation in that organization until 1971, when some countries, including the USSR, promoted the expulsion of Taiwan and China taking its place communist. That maneuver was completed in 1979 with the withdrawal of recognition of Taiwan by the US, one of the biggest mistakes of American foreign policy in recent decades. Communist China has pressured other countries to withdraw their recognition of Taiwan, often offering to buy its public debt. Despite this, 14 countries still maintain this recognition and In addition, Taiwan maintains official relations with 47 other countries (including the US) and the European Union.

Taiwan has its own government, parliament, and armed forces

Strictly speaking, and despite what Communist China claims, the Republic of China (Taiwan) is a democratic and independent country with its own government, its own parliament (the Yuan) and Armed Forces with about 300,000 troops. These Armed Forces include an Army with more than 1,100 tanks, a Navy with 128 ships (including 4 destroyers and 22 frigates), and an Air Force with some 600 aircraft. In addition, they have weapons sold by countries such as the US and France, despite the fact that they do not maintain official diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Likewise, the US maintains a defense commitment with the country within the framework of its Taiwan Relations Law, against a possible attack by communist China.

What should have happened in Catalonia for it to be like Taiwan

Equating Taiwan with Catalonia only fits in the parallel reality in which the propaganda of Xi Jinping's communist dictatorship lives. Catalonia would be in the case of Taiwan if the communists carried out a coup in Spain and the Spanish government and what remained of its Armed Forces took refuge in Catalonia, while in the rest of the country a communist dictatorship were established, that would break all ties with the regime that existed until then in Spain. That is why it is completely absurd to compare Catalonia with Taiwan: because in that Spanish region nothing similar happened to what in the current territory controlled by the democratic government of the Republic of China happened.


Photo: Efe. National Day parade of the Republic of China, in Taipei.

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