Mafia campaign of the left in social networks against Carla Toscano, of Vox

The speech against gender ideology for which a deputy has been threatened in Spain

For years, the Spanish left has been exhibiting an increasingly intolerant and violent attitude against those who do not agree with its dogmas.

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Yesterday we had a new demonstration of that hatred for freedom. In the Congress of Deputies The so-called "Trans Law" was debated, promoted by the coalition government made up of socialists and communists and which injures fundamental rights, in addition to putting people's health at risk, and in particular children's, by promoting gender dysphoria among them.

As usual, it is not enough for the left to propose authentic barbarities: it also wants to prohibit people from discussing them. Any discrepancy of the ideological dogmas of the left is simply described as "hate speech" and presented as a "phobia". And where they cannot reach with their censorship, because after all they have not yet managed to demolish our democracy, they use their thugs to intimidate those who think differently, both on the street and in the social networks. That's what happened yesterday.

The intervention of Carla Toscano and the mafia campaign against her

The deputy Carla Toscano, of Vox (the only party in the Spanish Parliament that has the courage to fight the ideological nonsense of the left) made an excellent speech criticizing gender ideology and the totalitarian spirit of the government, explaining in detail the disastrous consequences that the "Trans Law" is going to have and defending biology, common sense and fundamental rights against the unreason and anti-democratic pretensions of the left. In response, the left has unleashed a campaign of attacks against her in the media and on social networks, which has also resulted in insults and threats. It is one more demonstration of the fanaticism of the left.

Faced with this fanaticism, the best way to defend our democracy is to make known what the left wants to censor, so that it becomes clear why they are tempted to resort to censorship in the absence of good arguments. True to its commitment to Freedom, Counting Stars offers here the complete speech for which Carla Toscano has been threatened (the video is in Spanish but I have added English subtitles, you can activate them in the bottom bar of the player):

If YouTube censors the video, you can also see it in Rumble at this link (with English subtitles).

In case you prefer to read it, I have decided to transcribe Carla Toscano's intervention word by word:


"With the consent. Chesterton claimed that one day he would have to raise a sword for saying that the grass is green. That day has come with this Trans Law that concerns us today, a law that forces us to turn our backs on reality and will penalize those of us who refuse to do so.

This law -whose contents we must remember are already in laws enacted by the Popular Party, by autonomous laws, for example the law of the Community of Madrid-, this law imposes a single vision of the world: that of gender ideology. A vision without any scientific support, whereby sexual identity is a subjective experience, independent of biological sex. They introduce, of course, their favorite ghost, the concept of gender as a social construct, and therefore modifiable at will and subordinated to the wishes of the individual.

It's a crazy proposal but I understand that it's tempting: it reminds us of that "you will be like gods" from Genesis, because it puts in our hands a reality that we thought was immutable and creates, with it, a false illusion of freedom. But true freedom is not built turning your back on reality, but looking at it face to face. Freedom is built with truth.

And the truth is that you want to build a world based on desires, on self-perceptions, totally removed from reality. To do this, you miserably use the tragedy of intersex people, of people who do not identify with their biological sex, of adolescents suffering from gender dysphoria, to pass the trans steamroller and impose it on society.

The cases of these people are tragic, and what we must do is support and accompany them. Our society is capable of offering respect and protection to intersex people, transsexual people, adolescents with dysphoria of gender... But this support cannot be from an ideological perspective. It has to be from a medical, scientific and, above all, truly human perspective. But this minimum number of cases does not justify what this law intends.

The truth is that this law intends to promote transsexuality under the pretext of avoiding discrimination. Promote it for what? Would it not be more sensible to promote a family model open to life given the demographic winter that we are experiencing in Spain? But not. Their social engineering work needs broken children and adults, without identity, because they want us as slaves.

This law includes studies, surveys, councils for the participation of LGTBI people, campaigns, badges for companies promoting transsexuality, positive employment discrimination measures... What does this have to do with avoiding discrimination? Which by the way, is already penalized in our legal system and also all LGTBI people in Spain have the same rights as the rest. How it has to be.

This is not about avoiding discrimination. It's about putting gender ideology into our veins and creating privileges. Privileges go so far that if a trans person reports someone because they feel discriminated against, they reverse the burden of proof and it will be the person reported who it will have to prove, it is not very clear how, that it did not discriminate. And within this wild promotion, we come to the most intolerable point of this law: children.

Madam Minister of Equality: You, as a good totalitarian, want to educate our children sexually. You have spoken out in favor of the corruption of minors, you have spoken in favor of sex between minors and minors with adults, and if it was not true you could have retracted it. He has had many days to do it and he has not wanted to, what he has done is blame the extreme right. Franco and Putin have been missing.

But even ignoring these scandalous statements, which in a normal country would have made him resign, we Spaniards are not willing for him to sexually indoctrinate our children. You will find many Spaniards full of legitimate concern, like that overwhelming majority of fathers and mothers who love our children madly, regardless of ideology. And you are not one to doubt it, Mrs. Montero, nor to presume otherwise, but because those fathers and mothers are concerned that our children embark on a war against their own bodies, of life and without turning back, or because we are concerned that they are sterile adults and chronically medicated.

Mrs. Montero: We don't want them to make them experiment with their bodies, we don't want them to talk to them about masturbation, we don't want them to make them doubt whether they are boys or girls, we don't want them to be educated in a different way than our beliefs, and to say this is not to be retrograde or fascist or ancient. This is loving our children and ensuring their purity and innocence.

And here we come to the bloodiest point of the law: the change of sex of children for registration purposes. A change of sex that will be possible from the age of 12, alone at 16. Counting on the maturity and stability of the minor, as if maturity, stability and minor were not an oxymoron.

These minors who suffer from gender dysphoria are usually male, they are more or less 0.015%, and they are usually male because in many cases during pregnancy, when they were in their mother's womb, they had a deficit of testosterone, which is then regulated in adolescence in a natural way. Yes.

What is happening now is that, based on propaganda and laws like this, there is more and more dysphoria in adolescents and girls. In the United Kingdom, the number has increased by 4400% in the last 10 years. In Sweden at 1500%. Let's be serious: dysphoria does not multiply for no reason. This is not a physiological dysphoria: it is a cultural dysphoria, because they are children with problems who are victims of their indoctrination.

And the registration change is only the first step. It precedes social change, hormonal change, and then surgical change. In other words: to irreversible mutilation.

And it should not be forgotten that this chain of brutal changes begins with a self-diagnosis. I do not want to trivialize it, but so that you understand the example, it is as if a person goes to a psychiatrist, defining himself as schizophrenic, and the psychiatrist was obliged to treat and medicate him as a schizophrenic.

The State cannot prevail over parents and force them to leave their children unprotected in a vital phase of change and special vulnerability. The State cannot tie parents' hands in the face of the decisions of their minor children when they are not mature enough.

Gentlemen of the government: take your dirty hands off our children.

And by the way, Mrs. Montero: a lot of Trans Law, a lot of self-perception, a lot of "todos, todas y todes", that we all seem Asturian, but when you were pregnant with your daughter you announced to the world that you were a girl. Why? By her genitals.

And regarding adults, legislating based on desires or self-perceptions degenerates into legal fraud and ridiculous, absurd and even dangerous situations. We are going to see men who will have access to women's intimate spaces, such as bathrooms, showers, and women will not be able to do anything to prevent it. We are going to see men fraudulently using this law to compete in sports with physical advantages over women, with the damage and injustice that this is going to cause in sport.

And furthermore, continuing with the absurdity, why do we only focus on the self-perception of sex? If what matters is how each one feels, why don't we legislate on the self-perception of age? , nationality, marital status or employment situation? Can you imagine a world where everyone is obliged to treat us as we feel? Put to legislate on self-perceptions and unrealities, why only regarding sex? This law involves discrimination against people who can feel like a platypus or Lady Gaga.

But Vox, as always, doesn't mind garments in reaffirming our commitment to common sense, to family, to children, and above all to the truth, it bothers whoever bothers them, no matter how much that criminalize us and distort our discourse.

One or two generations of Spaniards may wipe out. Perhaps their poison will spread more, but be clear that they will have us in front defending, above all, the right of parents to educate their children according to their convictions, and defending the sovereign role and heroic of the family against the State.

Ladies and gentlemen: today is the day to shout: grass is green, boys have a penis and girls have a vagina, sex is binary, biology is real, gender ideology is cancer, this government It is the most totalitarian and destructive party in our democracy, and Vox is the only party that defends and will defend good, truth and beauty."


Of course, all my support for Carla Toscano and Vox in their defense of Freedom, truth and common sense, against gender ideology and against the fanatical and totalitarian drift of the left.


Photo: Congreso de los Diputados.

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