Scandalous statements that contradict Article 181 of the Spanish Penal Code

A Spanish minister says children can “have sexual relations with whoever they want”

Yesterday, the Minister of Equality of Spain, the communist Irene Montero, starred in an unusual intervention in Congress that has generated great controversy.

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Montero's hysterical response to a Vox deputy

Yesterday the minister showed her most hysterical and fanatical attitude in a response to Lourdes Méndez Monasterio, deputy of the conservative party Vox, insulting her several times, addressing her in a deranged reply and gesturing ostentatiously as she usually does at Podemos far-leftist party meetings. Irene Montero referred to sex education in these terms: "All boys, girls, niñes [another unknown sex] in this country have the right to know their own body, to know that no adult can touch their body if they don't want to and that this is a form of violence".

Montero's words about children and sexual relations

But things did not stop there. In addition, Montero affirmed that children "have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with whoever they want. Based, yes, on consent. And these are rights that they are recognized and that you don't like", he stated, addressing the deputy from Vox. Here you can see the video of those statements (the video is in Spanish but has English subtitles, you can activate them in the bottom bar of the player):

Some statements that contradict Article 181 of the Penal Code

These claims are outrageous. According to the Spanish Penal Code, the age of consent in Spain is 16 years old, an age at which we are already talking about adolescents. The "sexual freedom law" promoted by Montero and recently approved has left the following wording in the Art. 181 of the Penal Code: "Whoever performs acts of a sexual nature with a minor under sixteen years of age, will be punished with a prison sentence of two to six years". Is it that the minister has not read the law that she herself promoted and defended in Congress? Sexual relations between children and adults are a crime punishable by imprisonment. A child cannot have sex with whomever he pleases, Mrs. Montero.

"This is corruption of minors and apology for pederasty"

The reactions to the controversial statements of Montero have not been long in coming. Vox deputy Carla Toscano has pointed out: "This is corruption of minors and apology for pedophilia. Dot." Also from Vox, the MEP and First Vice President of Political Action Jorge Buxadé has pointed out: "With crystal clear clarity, Mrs. Montero discovers what hides a part of that gender ideology: the hypersexualization of minors and the promotion of sexual acts between minors and adults; corrupting their innocence."

Feminists accuse Montero of assuming "the argument of the defenders of pedophiles"

Likewise, the writer and former deputy of the Ciudadanos party Sonia Sierra has commented on the words de Montero with this question: "Since when can children have sex with consent?" The minister has also received criticism from feminist groups. Radical Feminist Space has pointed out: "This is already the last straw, the argument of the defenders of pedophiles in the mouth of the minister. Either she doesn't know what she's saying or this is the following: eliminate the minimum age of sexual consent of 16 years." While those words of the minister were being spread, last night the tag #IreneMonteroDimision (Irene Montero Resign) became trend on Twitter.

The precedent of the communist feminists Shulamith Firestone and Simone de Beauvoir

It must be said that these statements by Irene Montero are not an isolated case among far-left feminism. The communist and gender ideologue Shulamith Firestone proposed to normalize pedophilia and incest in her famous book "The dialectic of sex" (1970), one of the reference works of the so-called third wave feminism or gender feminism. The also communist and feminist Simone de Beauvoir signed two manifestos in defense of the legalization of pedophile relationships, in addition to being fired from her job as a teacher for corrupting an underage student age.

Coincidentally, on January 9, 2018 Irene Montero wrote a laudatory tweet about Simone de Beauvoir, affirming: "With her example and that of those who came before, we are building the women's revolution today, reinventing ourselves and making ourselves protagonists of our lives." Of course, all Spaniards, and especially those families with small children, have reasons to feel alarmed that a person who proves to have lost his mind occupies a ministry in Spain and even has the power to decide the contents that are they impose on children in schools. It is urgent to protect children against the increasingly crazy occurrences of this government.

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