Located in Montenegro, the base belonged to the Yugoslav Navy

Kotor: an abandoned secret submarine base on the shores of the Adriatic Sea

During the Cold War, the communist dictatorship of Yugoslavia carried out important construction of military bases on its coasts.

Island of Vis: an abandoned secret submarine base and battery in the Adriatic Sea
An abandoned air base and a large submarine base in a small country in Europe

In addition to coastal artillery batteries, the Yugoslav Armed Forces built several submarine bases (the Yugoslav Navy had 16 submarines of this type). A few months ago we saw the base of the Island of Vis, located on the present-day coast of Croatia. Another of its bases was built in the Bay of Kotor, an excellent natural refuge in what is now Montenegro.

The base, built in the 1970s, had three tunnels. The largest, about 100 meters long, was located near the town of Rose, and two more tunnels were built to the west. The tunnel entrances were camouflaged with fake stones and vegetation. Like other Yugoslav military installations, the Bay of Kotor tunnels were abandoned after the demise of the former Yugoslavia. A few years ago there was talk of the possibility of building a luxury hotel on the site, with Azeri capital, but for now it remains abandoned, a very attractive place for urban explorers. The Lost Trails has released an interesting video today touring this base:

You can see below some captures of the video. Here we see the entrance to one of the tunnels at the base:

Inside this tunnel is an old abandoned ship.

The entrance to the tunnel, seen from inside. The panels that can be seen around the entrance supported the false stones that camouflaged this entrance.

A boat in another of the Kotor tunnels.

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