An undisclosed location in which there are some beautiful flooded caves

Navigating through a beautiful hidden lagoon surrounded by a network of mysterious tunnels

There are many beautiful and fascinating places in the world. The best of all are those that few know about and that are hidden from most people.

The secret airplane of Lake Mead: A B-29 that sank in a classified incident in 1948
Wales: a beautiful waterfall hidden in a lush forest in the Snowdonia region

Today I bring you an example of this. On this day, four months ago, the channel ActionAdventureTwins posted a video browsing a lagoon hidden between mountains. The video does not indicate where it is, nor even the country. The description simply states this: "There are some tunnels that nobody knows where they lead to, next to a hidden lake that almost nobody knows We went out to find out where the tunnels lead". I like to give you more information about the videos I bring, but in this case it can't be. Seeing what happens with some places flooded with tourists , it is almost better that this place remains hidden as before:

Here are some screenshots from the video. You can see the best images in it.

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