An L-1011 Tristar and a C-130 Hercules rest underwater in Jordan

Aqaba: a peculiar museum where you can see two large planes at the bottom of the sea

We have already seen aeronautical museums here on other occasions, but one of the strangest and most atypical can be visited on the Jordanian coast.

Aqaba: the strange place where you can see tanks, cannons and helicopters underwater
Kwajalein: a huge graveyard with about 160 World War II aircraft at the bottom of the sea

Of course, if you go to this museum you will need diving equipment, since it is at the bottom of the Red Sea. As you will remember, we already talked about this curious place here, which includes tanks, cannons and helicopters. In recent years, new neighbors have arrived at this site. In this video we can see the first of them, a Lockheed L-1011-385-3 Tristar 500 three-engine commercial plane, the MSN 1248. The plane belonged to the Royal Jordanian airline, bearing the registration JY- AGJ, and was later operated by the Portuguese airline Luzair, with registration CS-TMP. In late January, Andrew Grundy posted this video of the plane:

This Tristar was sunk at that location on August 26, 2019. The operation to sink it was certainly spectacular. You can see it in this video from Water Resistant Team:

En Aqaba también fue sumergido un Lockheed C-130 Hercules que perteneció a la Real Fuerza Aérea de Jordania. Andrew Grundy también ha buceado por este avión:

This C-130 was submerged on November 16, 2017. You can see here a video from AB TV showing how it was done:

You can see here some screenshots from Andrew Grundy's videos. We start with this M-42 Duster anti-aircraft artillery vehicle that belonged to the Jordanian Army and which today rests at the bottom of the sea, near the C-130.

The mid-engine nozzle of the Tristar. This aircraft, like its rival the DC-10, had three engines, one of which was located at the bottom of the drift. Today there is only one airworthy Tristar left.

The cabin of the Tristar. The fish and starfish have become the new owners of the plane.

The cabin of the Hercules. The plane was submerged without its four engines.

The port landing gear of the Hercules. This plane has deteriorated a lot over the years, due to the storms that have hit Aqaba.

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