Urban explorers walk the tunnels of the Klov and Khreshchatyk rivers

A fascinating exploration of the dark underground rivers of the Ukrainian capital

Although Ukraine is at war, in areas where there is no fighting there are still people who are engaged in urban exploration.

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This Sunday, the Ukrainian YouTube channel Stepanets (which we already saw exploring the Chernobyl area in May 2022, after the fighting that took place there) has published a new video touring some of the underground rivers of Kiev, some rivers that the neighbors themselves do not know of that city. Going through all of them would be very difficult and dangerous. As published by the Ukrainian website UrbexTour.com as of January 2018, there are 80 underground rivers under Kiev.

In this case, we see urban explorers walking through Kiev's two main underground rivers: the Klov and the Khreshchatyk, through the vaulted tunnels and water collectors through which their currents flow today. channels. The video is in Ukrainian, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the lower bar of the player:

The exploration begins in this open access to the Klov River, on a sunny day when there is very little water in its course.

The video shows how this access is installed when it rains. These underground rivers are often the cause of flooding in Kiev when heavy rains arrive.

One of the vaulted tunnels of the Klov River. Kiev's rivers began to be channeled underground. Unlike what happens in other cities, in the Ukrainian capital domestic sewage and storm drains have separate systems.

One of the collectors of the Klov River. As the author of the video warns, flash floods have already caused deaths in these tunnels.

There is a point on the route where three rivers meet: the Klov, the Khreshchatyk and the Klovsky stream. Here we see the tunnel of the Klovsky stream.

The Khreshchatyk River Tunnel, built with bricks in the 19th century. This tunnel withstood the bombings of World War II.

Another part of the Khreshchatyk tunnel, in this case with the walls covered with cement. I encourage you to watch the video until the end, you will see where the explorers end up.

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